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Boston University

Boston University (BU) is a Boston-based private research university. Although the university is nonsectarian, it has a long history with the United Methodist Church. It was established in 1839 by Methodists in Newbury, Vermont, before relocating to Boston in 1867.

History of Boston University 

Boston University was founded in 1839 as the Newbury Biblical Institute in Newbury, Vermont, and was chartered by the Massachusetts Legislature with the name "Boston University" in 1869. Both in 1939 and 1969, the University held formal Centennial celebrations. On the official seals used by different schools of the university, one or both dates may appear. A group of Methodist pastors and laypeople at Boston's Old Bromfield Street Church decided to establish a Methodist theology school on April 24–25, 1839. The school was founded in Newbury, Vermont, and was known as the "Newbury Biblical Institute."

University Programs, Courses and Schools

Boston University's 17 schools and colleges provide bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees, as well as medical, dental, and law degrees. The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies (founded 2014) is Boston University's newest school, and the Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development is its new name (renamed in 2018 following the merger with Wheelock College). The Faculty of Computers & Data Sciences was established at BU in 2019, and it is an interdisciplinary academic institution that will train students in computing while also allowing them to combine data science with their chosen area. There are many schools and colleges in Boston University. The main name is as follows-

University Achievements

BU is ranked among the world's top universities, with over 650 courses on global issues, faculty research on every continent, students from nearly 100 nations, and alumni living in over 180 countries. Furthermore, BU's study abroad programme is widely regarded as one of the best in the country.

University USP

Boston University provides a level of diversity that is transforming the world. Not only does the university attract students from all around the United States, but it also boasts a large number of international students. Boston University is distinguished by its variety. The School of Law, School of Management, School of Medicine, College of Engineering, and School of Education are among Boston University's top graduate schools. The School of Medicine at Boston University is home to the country's first combined cancer research and teaching facility.

Boston University was one of the first universities in the country to offer study abroad programmes, and it is now regarded as one of the best. In over 20 countries, the institution provides over 100 programmes. Studying abroad is often regarded as one of the most beneficial experiences available to students

University Notable Alumni

A number of persons linked with Boston University have become well-known in their disciplines during the course of its existence. Seven Nobel Prizes have been awarded to Boston University affiliates. Boston University graduates may be found all over the world, with approximately 342,000 alumni. Martin Luther King Jr., the leader of the American civil rights movement, received his PhD in systematic theology from Boston University in 1955. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 after becoming well-known for promoting nonviolent resistance against segregation. The Dean of Marsh Chapel, Howard Thurman, inspired King's acceptance of nonviolence. Rebecca Lee Crumpler was the first African-American woman to be certified as a doctor, and Charles Eastman (originally named Ohiyesa) was the first American Indian to be certified as a doctor, and Helen Magill White was the first woman to be qualified as a doctor. Some notably alumni name are here:

  • Martin Luther king Jr.
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Faye Dunaway, 
  • Alfre Woodard, 
  • Russell Hornsby, 
  • Jason Alexander, 
  • Ginnifer Goodwin, 
  • Marisa Tomei, 
  • Emily Deschanel, 
  • Marc Maron, 
  • Viola Léger, 
  • Julianne Moore, 
  • David A Rose (judge),  
  • Gary Locke, 
  • Judd Gregg, 
  • Edward Brooke, 
  • Martha Coakley, 
  • Earle O. Latham,
  • William Howard Taft, 
  • Bill O'Reilly.

University infrastructure & services


Boston University's main campus is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Beginning in Kenmore Square and continuing for about a mile and a half to its end near the edge of Boston's Allston neighborhood, the University's main Charles River Campus follows Commonwealth Avenue and the Green Line. The Boston University Bridge, which spans the Charles River into Cambridge, marks the boundary between Main Campus, which houses the majority of the schools and classroom buildings, and West Campus, which houses several athletic facilities and playing fields, as well as the large West Campus dorm and the new John Hancock Student Village complex. Boston University has many campuses which are located in other countries besides us, such as-

  • Los Angeles
  • Washington DC
  • London Campus 
  • Sydney Campus 
  • Paris Campus


The Mugar Memorial Library is the central academic library for the Charles River Campus. It also houses the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center, formerly called the Twentieth Century Archive, where documents belonging to thousands of eminent figures in literature, journalism, diplomacy, the arts, and other fields are housed. More than 2.4 million physical volumes, over 45,000 current unique serials, and 77,000 media titles are housed in the BU Libraries. Library tutorials, library instruction ranging from research basics to graduate-level classes, reference services in all major libraries, access to digital resources, specialist consultations, and librarian-created guides with curated resources are among the research tools and services offered by BU.

Housing services

The housing system of Boston University is the tenth-largest among four-year universities in the country. Originally a commuter school, Boston University now offers all undergraduate students the option of living on campus for four years. Currently, 76 percent of the students reside on campus. All students living in dorms at Boston University are required to enroll in a year-long food plan that includes a variety of meal options and dining points that may be used like cash in on-campus facilities. Individual 19th-century brownstone townhouses and apartment buildings bought by the school, as well as large-scale high-rises developed in the 1960s and 2000s, make up BU's housing. Warren Towers, the largest on campus with 1,800 students, as well as West Campus and The Towers, are among the large dorms. Smaller dormitories and apartment-style living can be found primarily on Bay State Road and in the South Campus residential neighborhood. The majority of BU's townhouses, known as "brownstones," are located on Bay State Road, a tree-lined roadway that runs parallel to Commonwealth Avenue. The Massachusetts Turnpike separates South Campus from the main campus, which is located south of Commonwealth Avenue. Some of the larger structures in the region have been converted to dorms, while the rest of the South Campus structures are apartments.

The John Hancock Student Village project includes Boston University's newest residence and main apartment-style housing section, 33 Harry Agganis Way, also known as "StuVi2" unofficially. The 26-story north-facing building is apartment-style; while the 19-story south-facing building has an 8-bedroom dormitory-style suite design. The building has a total of 960 occupants. For more information you can visit BU’s official website.

Medical services

Boston University provides all the health-related facilities to its students. Long-term conditions and those requiring a specialist are referred out to other doctors. The University Sergeant College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences campus has several clinics, centers and laboratories, providing all possible support for the health of the students. 

The Student Dental Plan offers low-cost, high-quality care for students' basic dental needs, everything is given in detail. Boston University is concerned about the well-being of its students as a whole. They believe that health and wellbeing are important components of academic success, and they want their students to be healthy without having to worry about medical bills. Health insurance is required by the state of Massachusetts to pay for services not provided by on-campus Student Health Services (SHS). That’s why Boston University automatically enrolls full-time, three-quarter time, and international undergraduate and graduate students in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

Students clubs

PERD (Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance) assists students and the university community in participating in healthful physical exercise. A wide range of programmes, classes, workshops, and fitness services are available through PERD. These services are also accompanied by a number of student clubs, like- sports club, cultural club and theatre club. 

University location

Boston University (BU) is a private university in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The main campus is located in Boston's Fenway-Kenmore and Allston neighborhoods along the Charles River, while the Boston University Medical Campus is located in Boston's South End neighborhood.

Different campuses locations

Boston University has two main campus, The Charles river campus and The Medical campus. The main campus is situated along the Charles River in Boston's Fenway-Kenmore and Allston neighborhoods; the Boston University Medical Campus is located in Boston's South End neighborhood. Apart from this, its campuses are in Los Angeles, Washington, some campuses outside the US are in Paris, Sydney, and London

Top landmarks nearby, top companies, airports nearby

There are many such places around Boston University which are the reason of attraction for students and visitors. 

For example

Tremont Street Subway, Sears Block, Crescent, Faneuil Hall, Blackstone Block, Union Oyster House, Quincy Market, Old State House, Ames Building, Old South Meeting House, Old Corner Bookstore, Old City Hall, Boston Athenaeum, etc. Logan International Airport (BOS), which is around eight miles from Boston University, is the closest airport.

International students’ info 

Courses offered

More than 300 majors and minors, as well as 650 global courses, are available at Boston University. At Boston University, international students can choose from more than 80 study abroad options. The 17 schools and colleges of Boston University provide a diverse range of programmes, many of which are highly ranked. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to programmes and courses in economics, anthropology, and biochemistry, as well as television production and isiZulu. Undergraduate students at BU have access to over 250 bachelor programmes, as well as the option of double majors and Dual Degrees. Study abroad opportunities, undergraduate research opportunities, and honours  programmes are all available at BU. Graduate programs at BU allow students with a bachelor's or equivalent to further their knowledge, do research, improve their abilities, and more. More than 14,000 graduate students are enrolled in master's and doctorate programmes, graduate certificates, and other advanced degrees at fifteen of our schools and colleges.

Student support

There are so many support systems for international students.There is Admission portal where you can get all information about your admission and your academics. BU runs many scholarship programs which you avail in your students’ period. There is also a department who deals with and helps international student’s problems regarding visas, immigration.

Visas & immigration support

Applying for a visa to study in the US can seem complicated, but BU's official website will guide you through all the steps you can navigate the process smoothly. Apply as soon as possible to ensure you have enough time for the interview and processing—in many circumstances, you can apply 120 days ahead to the start date of your academic programme on your I-20 or DS-2019. For application instructions, go to the website of the Consulate or Embassy. The US Department of State publishes wait times for appointments and processing.

Full-time undergraduate and graduate students who plan to enroll in a degree-granting program at BU should follow these steps. Read the International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO) requirements for alternative visa categories if you plan to apply for a visa other than the F-1 or J-1. You can plan your trip once you have gotten your F-1 or J-1 visa. On your I-20 or DS-2019, you can enter the US up to 30 days before the programme begins (but no earlier). For more information you can visit this site-

University Address

233 Bay State Road, Boston, MA 02215.

Phone no.


[email protected]

Student life

Student society

There are many different student societies in Boston University, which give students of different subjects the opportunity to study as well as be involved in various activities. Apart from this, it is also taught by Boston University how you can build your society or organization. The names of some major student societies are as follows-Anime Club

  • Archaeology Society
  • Art History Association
  • Beekeepers
  • BosTones a Capella Group
  • Curling Club
  • Deaf Studies Club
  • Film Society
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • International Society
  • Knitting Club
  • Marine Science Association
  • Mock Trial Organization
  • Outing Club    
  • PC Gaming Club
  • Photography Club
  • Q, BU’s Queer Activist Collective
  • Shakespeare Society
  • Ski & Snowboard Club
  • Society of Women Engineers
  • Stage Troupe
  • UMOJA (BU’s Black Student Union)

Sports and fitness

Club sports at BU include everything from badminton to water polo. From casual games to expert coaching and intercollegiate competition, there's something for everyone.

At BU, intramural sports are also highly popular. More than 7,000 students participate in 15 different sports each semester. Ice broomball is the university's signature intramural sport. Consider it ice hockey with no skates and a broom for a stick (it's a BU student favorite).

The Patriot League, Hockey East, and the Eastern College Athletic Conference all include Boston as a member. Varsity ice hockey is BU's biggest claim to national sports renown. The BU Men's Hockey team has won five NCAA championships and has produced more NHL players than any other college or university. Three of the last five Patriot League titles have gone to BU Women's Soccer. Three of the previous four Patriot League titles have been won by the Women's Field Hockey team, which boasts multiple All-Americans. In addition, the BU Men's Basketball team has made six NCAA postseason appearances. There are several sites where you may work out, join a team, or simply watch from the stands-

Fitness & Recreation Center

  • Agganis Arena
  • The DeWolfe Boathouse

Health & Wellbeing

The mental and physical health of the students is regularly taken care of by the university. In the health care center of the university, every effort is made to solve every problem of the students. The personal problems of the students are heard by the counselor, every effort is made to give better solutions. Through sports and cultural programs, full attention is given to the mental hygiene and physical hygiene of the students.

Residential Life

BU offers a wide range of accommodations ranging from large apartments to multiple dormitories. 76 percent of the university's population lives on the campus. Some of the major names are- 

  • Brownstone Townhouse
  • Warren towers
  • The towers
  • Shelton house
  • John Hancock Student village.

Food & drink

The George Sherman Union (GSU), which is located next to Mugar Memorial Library, has a food court containing Panda Express, Basho, Starbucks, and Pink berry, among other fast-food franchises. Students can also rest or study at the GSU's lounge spaces. The BU Central lounge, located in the George Sherman Union's basement, organizes concerts and other activities and events.

Short term Getaways. Weekend getaways

Boston’s steeped in history. In fact, Boston has more historic buildings than any other city in America! The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) – more often known as the T– provides easy access to the city and suburbs via subways, buses, and trolleys. BU students also have access to discounted parking and transportation passes through BU Parking & Transportation Services. A free bus shuttle runs between the Charles River Campus, the Fenway Campus, and the BU Medical Center Campus. Here is a list of some favorite places for visitors, if you are student of BU, you have a chance to go to that places and make the weekend more beautiful-

  • The Boston Common and Public Garden
  • The Boston Public Library
  • Boston Symphony 
  • Orchestra Fenway Park
  • The Freedom Trail
  • The Museum of Fine Arts
  • Newbury Street
  • The North End, 
  • Boston’s Little Italy
  • Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
  • John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum
  • New England Aquarium
  • Museum of Science

Part time jobs

There are many options for part time job for students. There is a Long-term part-time and full-time summer work options are available under the Part-Time Job Listings. Jobs are divided into categories, and salary ranges from minimum wage to more than $20 per hour. Every day, new job openings are listed, and no position is advertised for more than four weeks without confirmation that it is still available. Some of the occupations that are available include: Paid internships are available to help students gain practical experience, academic credit, and income. Jobs available on campus that do not require a Federal Work-Study award. Students are in charge of making contact with employers and scheduling interviews. The student and the employer handle all aspects of employment and compensation. Once a student has taken employment, it is their responsibility to tell the employer if they are unable to continue working or will be terminated from the position.

Student Safety

Crime Around the area

In general, Boston University is considered safe, but according to some reports, it has come to the fore that its students have also been involved in various criminal activities. In 2019, Boston University reported 854 crimes and safety events involving students on or near campus or on other university-owned sites. With a school body of 33,720, that equates to 25.33 occurrences per 1,000 students.

Good Security Score     

Every year, millions of tourists, students, and other visitors visit Boston, which is well located to meet all of your needs, even if you aren't studying. According to the most recent Numbeo Safety Index, Boston has a score of 64.73, placing it 131st out of 427 cities worldwide in terms of safety. If you merely look at the numbers, Boston appears to be a relatively safe city to visit. According to FBI crime statistics, Boston ranked 45th in the US for the highest violent crime rate in 2019, with 669.20 incidents per 100,000 population. It was also ranked 88th in the country for property crime, with 2,089.02 per 100,000 population.

Famous courses

List of popular courses 

Some are the most popular courses in Boston University is Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Social Sciences; Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Engineering; Health Professions and Related Programs; Psychology; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; Visual and Performing Arts; and Mathematics and Statistics. 

Some are the popular combined degree is also there like-

  • B.A. College of Arts and Sciences / M.A. Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • B.A. College of Arts and Sciences / M.S. Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • B.S. Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences / M.S. Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.
  • B.S. College of Engineering / M.A.T. School of Education
  • B.F.A. College of Fine Arts / M.A. College of Fine Arts
  • B.A. College of Arts and Sciences / M.D. School of Medicine
  • B.S. Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences / D.P.T. Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
  • B.A. College of Arts and Sciences / M.D. School of Medicine / M.P.H. School of Public Health
  • B.A. College of Arts and Sciences / M.P.H. School of Public Health
  • B.S. College of Engineering / M.S. College of Engineering

Campus recruitment


Employers visit BU each semester to conduct interviews with students for internships and full-time positions. On its website, BU lists future visits as well as internship and job listings. Apply online, and if the employer chooses students, he or she'll be invited to an interview in BU's office. The recruiting season usually starts in October and lasts until April. There are exceptions, so keep an eye out for announcements of off-season events. If you want to interview with a company but will be graduating in December or May, go ahead and apply. Similarly, if you notice an organization in the fall but won't be graduating until May, you should decline. Recruiters anticipate that students will not be available to start until June in the majority of cases, and they organize their hiring appropriately. Documents are needed applying for a job-

  • Resume
  • Cover Letters
  • References
  • Portfolios.

Famous companies who recruit directly from BU

There are many well-known companies that are involved in the recruitment process at Boston University. Some names are here-

  • General Electric
  • The TJX Companies
  • Showcase Cinemas
  • Fresenius Medical Care
  • Raytheon
  • Staples
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Stop & Shop
  • Stream Global Services Inc
  • State Street
  • Baker Hughes
  • Bright Horizons
  • MassMutual
  • Boston Scientific 
  • Steward Health Care
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club
  • Harvard University

Median Earnings 5 Years after Graduation  -  50,000$ per year     

Median Earnings 2 Years after Graduation  -  35000$ per year 

University Brochures 

You can visit the following official website for admission process, forms, Brochures.

Application Requirements

  • Common Application or Coalition Application
  • Secondary School Records
  • Senior Year Grades
  • Counselor Recommendation and School Report Form
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • English Proficiency Testing Results
  • Documentation of Financial Support
  • Copy of Data Page of Passport
  • Standardized Tests (Optional)

Apart from this you must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or the Duolingo English Test if English is not your first language (DET). If English is your first language but you speak another at home, you may want to provide English proficiency results to show that you are fluent.

Boston University Programs

Tuition Fees
Standard Test

Boston University Application Requirements

Acceptance Rate

IELTS score requirements

A strong proficiency in the English language is essential for admission into top universities in United States of America. To be able to get a successful admission in Boston University in United States of America students need to complete IELTS with a minimum score of 7.

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Boston University Cost of studies


Bachelors: $54,720

Masters: Fees vary for each program

Fees may vary for each program. Please visit the program page for specific fees.

Boston University Deadlines

Bachelors: January 2

Masters: Deadlines vary for each program.

Deadlines may vary for each program. Please visit the program page for specific deadlines.

Boston University Rankings


US News
Times Higher Education
GTU Rank


United States of America
US News
Times Higher Education

Boston University Scholarships

1. Boston University Presidential Scholarship

The Board of Admissions grants the Presidential Scholarship to about three percent of incoming first-year students who demonstrate exceptional educational accomplishment. In addition to being among the most academically proficient students, Boston college scholars must demonstrate excellence beyond the schoolroom. This scholarship is for undergraduate students in all fields and International students are also eligible for this scholarship. 

Eligibility Criteria/ Scholarship Guidelines

- The Committee selects scholars on the basis of Admission on academic excellence, significant community service involvement, demonstrated leadership ability, and potential.

- No essays or additional application forms are required. 

- This scholarship is for undergraduate, incoming freshmen only. Transfer students are not eligible for consideration.

- You should submit your TOEFL iBT or IELTS score. 100 on the TOEFL iBT and 7.5 band on the IELTS is recommended.

- You should score 650 or above on the SAT Evidence-based Reading and Writing or 29 or more on the ACT English section.

How to Apply:

- An online application should be submitted through the Common Application Portal. 

- Follow the instructions on the portal and update the required information accordingly.

2. Boston University Trustee Scholarship

Boston University welcomes approximately 20 outstanding International students to the Trustee Scholars Program. In addition to exceptional educational credentials, Trustee students are intellectually and creatively bold and demonstrate experiences, viewpoints or achievements beyond the usual. At Boston University, Trustee Scholars become part of a unique campus community that offers many cultural, intellectual and social opportunities. This scholarship is for undergraduate students from all around the world. 

Eligibility Criteria/ Scholarship Guidelines

Students will be auto-considered for this scholarship when they apply for the courses on which this scholarship is applicable.

- You must have passed High School.

- You should submit your TOEFL score of at least 90-100 and a minimum score of 20 in each section. 

- You should score 7 or higher in ITELS.

- You will have to write an essay, in 600 words or less, and submit through the Common Application.

How to Apply:

- An online application should be submitted through the Common Application Portal. 

- Follow the instructions on the portal and update the required information accordingly.

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