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Centennial College 

Centennial College or formally Centennial Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology is a degree-granting higher education college in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is one of the oldest publicly funded colleges in the city. The college has its campuses in Scarborough as well as in New York. The College has a total enrolment of more than 26,000 full-time & more than 19,000 part-time students. It comes among the top 10 research institutes in Canada. 

Centennial College History

Centennial College's history takes us back to the year 1966 when the college established its first site, Warden Woods Campus. It started its journey with 514 students and 16 programs in journalism, childhood education, and science. The college grew speedily and become one of the best research colleges in Canada. 

Centennial College Programs, Courses, and Schools 

Centennial College programs offer more than 260 areas to study. Its degree-granting colleges offer bachelor's degrees, diplomas, postgraduate certificates, & other certificates in many fields. The best programs of the college are in the fields of business, communication arts, applied computing, engineering technology, music, film, health sciences, design, and animation.

Different schools of the University include –

  • School of Advancement 
  • School of Communication, Media, Arts, and Design 
  • School of Community and Health Studies 
  • School of Hospitality, Tourism, and Culinary Arts 
  • School of Transportation 
  • The Business School 

Centennial College programs are in the field include –

  • Automotive Foundations 
  • Business Accounting 
  • Digital Visual Effects 
  • Museum and Cultural Management
  • Photography
  • Arts Management 
  • Dance Performance
  • Fine Arts Studio 
  • Game Development
  • Animation 
  • Biotechnology
  • Massage Therapy 
  • Paramedic
  • Liberal Arts 

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Centennial College Achievements

  • It ranked 77 in the National Universities Rankings. 
  • It ranked 1026 in the World Universities Rankings. 
  • The academic programs of the college have 8.5 ratings. 
  • It ranked 3rd in Canada in terms of the student employment rate. 

Centennial College USP 

Students will be going to get a culturally diverse experience on campus, as there are more than 100 ethnocultural groups present all around the world and more than 80 languages vocalized on-campus. It works on the vision of Transforming Lives and Communities Through Learning. The academic programs of the college have accreditations including ACCC, AUCC, and CBIE.

Centennial College Notable Alumni

Centennial College alumni include –

  • Diana Cabrera (Sports Shooter)
  • John Candy (Comedy Actor)
  • Robert Fisher (Journalist)
  • Elinor Caplan (Businesswoman & Politician)
  • Diana Capponi (Mental Health Activist)
  • John Child (Olympic Athlete)
  • Joe Daniel (Politician)
  • Michaele Jordana (Musician)
  • Nailah Rowe (Footballer)
  • Arin King (Footballer)
  • Fred Stone (Music Educator)
  • Jeffery Dvorkin (Journalist)

Centennial College Infrastructure and Services

  Centennial College Campuses

Centennial College campuses include –

Morningside Campus (Scarborough) – This campus of the college has a faculty of health sciences, biotechnology, pharmacy, environmental technology, massage therapy, and many others. The campus provides all modern and world-class learning experiences to the students.

Progress Campus (Scarborough) – This campus is famous for its programs in the field of computer science, business, technology, hospitality, and culinary arts. Students can explore other academic facilities, athletic centers, wellness centers, and food outlets on campus. 

Ashtonbee Campus (Scarborough) – This campus is known for its transportation technology center which is the largest in North America. It provides services including technician, career, and college transition. 

Story Arts Centre (East York) – The campus has academic facilities for music, design, media, communications, game design, and animation. The campus has a performing arts center, art theatre, and story arts center. 

Downsview Aerospace Hub (Ontario) – The hub provides an advance and innovative learning experience for the students. There are well-equipped labs and centers available for the students. 

 Centennial College Libraries

Centennial College Libraries has a volume of books, e-books, journal articles, newspaper articles, and video & audio materials for its readers. The college has libraries on each campus. Each library offers services including borrowing, computer access, scanning, photocopying, and interlibrary loan facilities. The library helps desk help students in their academic matters. 

 Centennial College Housing Services 

Centennial College housing services welcome all the students in the well-structured and furnished rooms of the student residences. Rooms are available in private and shared apartments. It provides facilities of a laundry center, bike storage with a repair station, monitored fire alarms, and many more. Students can choose off-campus housing options as well. 

Centennial College housing services include –

  • Fitness Centre 
  • Study Lounges 
  • Multi-Purpose Lounges 
  • Community Kitchen 
  • High-Speed Internet Connectivity 
  • Card Controlled Access & Security Guard On-site 

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 Centennial College Medical Services 

Health service center and Counselling center offers the medical services including –

  • Primary Health Care 
  • Medicines and Pharmacy 
  • Sexual Health Related Health Care 
  • Counseling Services 
  • Emergency and Special Health Care 

5Centennial College Student Clubs  

  • Anime Guild 
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers 
  • Centennial Billiard 
  • Cycling Network 
  • Med Lab Society 
  • Power To Change 
  • Punjabi Calligraphy 
  • Raas Garba 
  • Software Engineering Club 
  • Western Bhangra Club 

Centennial College Location 

Where Exactly  

Centennial College's location is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Different Campuses Location  

  • Morningside Campus (Scarborough)
  • Progress Campus (Scarborough)
  • Ashtonbee Campus (Scarborough)
  • Story Arts Centre (East York)
  • Downsview Aerospace Hub (Ontario)

Top Landmarks, Top Companies, & Top Airports Nearby 

  • Toronto Zoo
  • Scarborough Bluffs
  • Scarborough Town Centre 
  • Botany Hill Park
  • White Haven Park
  • Morningside Park 
  • Bluffers Park
  • Guild Park
  • Lusted Park 
  • Scarborough Memorial Park 
  • Scarborough Museum 
  • Colonel Danforth Park 
  • Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (21.1km Away)

Centennial College International Students Information 

Centennial College Courses Offered

Centennial College Courses are in the field include –

  • Automotive Foundations 
  • Business Accounting 
  • Digital Visual Effects 
  • Museum and Cultural Management
  • Photography
  • Arts Management 
  • Dance Performance
  • Fine Arts Studio 
  • Game Development
  • Animation 
  • Biotechnology
  • Massage Therapy 
  • Paramedic
  • Liberal Arts 

Centennial College Student Support 

Centennial College student support services are provided by a team of experts on-campus. Students can get any type of support including financial aid, admissions, bookstore, English language, tutoring, IT, and career-related. Students can take their guidance if they are facing any difficulty on-campus. To know more about Centennial College student support, click here

Centennial College Visas & Immigration Support 

All international students need a visa or permit to stay and live on-campus. Students with programs of more than 6 months can apply for it. Canadian embassy and consulate help students in getting their visas done. Students can also get support from the international office of the college. 

Documents required while applying for a visa include –

  • Admission Acceptance Letter 
  • Valid Passport 
  • Financial Support Documents 
  • Letter of Purpose 
  • Visa Fee Receipts 
  • Passport Size Photographs

Centennial College International Student Contact 

Centennial College international students' contact number is 416-289-5300. Students can visit the link to know more about it

Centennial College Student Life 

Centennial College Student Society 

Centennial Colleges has so many things to make a student’s experience the best on-campus. There are plenty of student clubs, societies, and organizations available for the students These societies help students to sharpen their talent and skills. These societies are present in the dynamic fields of sports, recreation, dance, academics, and culture. 

Centennial College Sports & Fitness

Centennial College sports facilities include –

  • Ashtonbee Fitness Centre 
  • Downsview 
  • Morningside Fitness Centre 
  • Progress 
  • Story Arts Centre 
  • Turf Sports Field 

Centennial College Health & Wellness

Centennial College health and wellness center offers students services of social wellness, mental wellness, intellectual wellness, spiritual wellness, and occupational wellness. There are many athletics & recreation activities available for students. Students get counseling services to sustain their mental wellness. College also organizes outdoor activities, trips, and adventure outings for the students. 

Centennial College Residential Life 

Centennial College welcomes its students to the comfortable and luxurious residential life on-campus. It not only gives the student a place to live and sleep but also provides students an environment to get socialize with others. The fitness center keeps the students fit, active, and healthy through its cardio machines, dance studios, and yoga studio. There are many lounges for community gatherings including an arcade, ping pong, art, and craft where students can connect with the campus community. 

Centennial College Food & Drinks 

  • Tim Horton’s (Ashtonbee Campus)

  • The Market
  • Tim Horton’s (Morningside Campus)
  • Tim Horton’s (Progress Campus)
  • Progress Café 
  • Story Arts Centre Café 

Centennial College Short Term Getaways, Weekend Getaways

  • Toronto Zoo
  • Scarborough Bluffs
  • Scarborough Town Centre 
  • Botany Hill Park
  • White Haven Park
  • Morningside Park 
  • Bluffers Park
  • Guild Park
  • Lusted Park 
  • Scarborough Memorial Park 
  • Scarborough Museum 
  • Colonel Danforth Park 

Centennial College Part-Time Jobs 

Centennial College part-time jobs are available for the students. Students can start their careers with on-campus, off-campus, or internship-related job opportunities. The part-time job opportunities provide a boost in their career and sharpen their professional skills. In this process, students also get a chance to connect with the employers’ circle and also earn some money to support their academic expenses. 

Student Safety at the Centennial College  

Crime Around the Area

The security services of the college are advanced and hi-tech. The Campus Safety Watch App is the recent security initiative of the college that pays attention to the personal safety of the students. The campus and residences have smart card access. There are emergency contact numbers available such as crisis helpline, Toronto police, and emergency helpline to sustain the safety in college. 

Good Safety Score 

Toronto ranked 4th out of 60 cities in Canada. It has a low crime rate. 

Centennial College Famous Courses 

  • Automotive Foundations 
  • Business Accounting 
  • Digital Visual Effects 
  • Museum and Cultural Management
  • Photography
  • Arts Management 
  • Dance Performance
  • Fine Arts Studio 
  • Game Development
  • Animation 
  • Biotechnology
  • Massage Therapy 
  • Paramedic
  • Liberal Arts 

Centennial College Campus Recruitment 

Process – The career service and the human resource department is completely devoted to providing the best career opportunities for the students. Students can get placement offers from local to international companies on-campus. The college host many career fairs, and placement events for the students. Students get selected based on their performance in an interview as well as academic performance.

Famous companies that recruit directly from the Centennial College 

  • Amazon 
  • Dell 
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Oracle Corporation 
  • KPMG 
  • Magna International 
  • Couche Tard 
  1. Median Earnings 5 Years After Graduation – More than 75,000 CAD
  2. Median Earnings 3 Years After Graduation – 60,000 CAD
  3. Employed 3 Years After Graduation –95% 
  4. Employed 12 Months After Graduation – More than 70%

Centennial College Brochures and Application 

Students can directly apply through the link, here

Download the University brochures, here : Centennial College Brochures

Centennial College Application Requirements


  • Online Application Form
  • Application Fee (71 USD)
  • School Mark Sheets OR Equivalent Diploma
  • Letter of Recommendation 
  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Standardized Tests 
  • English Proficiency Test Score 
  • IELTS (6.5)
  • TOEFL (88)


  • Online Application Form
  • Application Fee (71 USD)
  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • LOR
  • Standardized Test Score 
  • Reference Letter 
  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Resume & Portfolio 
  • Writing Samples (If required)
  • Teaching Experience (For Education Degree)
  • Research Proposal (If required)
  • English Proficiency Test Score 
  • IELTS (6.5)
  • TOEFL (88)

Centennial College Programs

Tuition Fees
Standard Test

Centennial College Application Requirements


IELTS score requirements

A strong proficiency in the English language is essential for admission into universities in Canada. To be able to get a successful admission in Centennial College in Canada students need to complete IELTS with a minimum score of 6.

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Centennial College Cost of studies


Bachelors: CAD $14080

Fees may vary for each program. Please visit program page for specific fees.


Centennial College Deadlines

Deadlines vary for each program, please visit the program page for specific deadlines.


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