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Northeastern University Seattle Campus

Northeastern University Seattle campus was founded in 2013. It provides computer science, bioinformatics, global studies, and project management courses in Seattle, Washington, United States of America.

University History

In January 2013 Northeastern University Seattle campus was founded. Northeastern University is proud to be Washington State’s first private research university. Northeastern University’s Seattle campus was established after two years of in-depth discussions between the university members and the Seattle community. Seattle campus strengthens graduate education and research work with the region’s economic development and workforce needs.

University Programs, Courses and Schools

Northeastern University offers many Undergraduate, Graduate, certificates and online programs. The campus offers wide learning opportunities and challenges to students. The various areas of study at Northeastern University Seattle campus are;

  • Computing & IT
  • Data Analytics
  • Education & Learning
  • Engineering
  • Law & Criminology
  • Leadership & Management
  • Political Science & Security

University Achievements/ USP

Northeastern University is ranked #49 in National Universities. The university is accredited by the prestigious institutions of NAICU and ACCU.  The institution provides academic excellence, teaches moral virtues, and develops strong and proactive youths. Northeastern University’s Seattle campus offers degree programs that provide experiential liberal arts education. The university’s programs incorporate the highest level of scholarship across disciplinary boundaries with many research and learning opportunities.

University Notable Alumni

Northeastern University alumni has expert alumni from different backgrounds who are there to serve based on their common passion and responsibility towards the university. The university has an extensive alumni network. Some of the alumni members of the university are- 

  • Nikesh Arora, CEO of Palo Alto Networks and former senior executive at Google
  • Maggie Hassan, United States Senator and former Governor of New Hampshire
  • J. Geils, musician and leader of The J. Geils Band
  • Mo Cowan, former United States Senator from Massachusetts
  • Gregory Jarvis, an astronaut on Space Shuttle Challenger
  • Jeff Clarke, former CEO of Kodak
  • John Pastore, former United States Senator from Rhode Island
  • Beverly Johnson, fashion model and actress
  • Urvashi Vaid, LGBT rights activist, lawyer and writer
  • Jane Curtin, actress, comedian and original cast member of Saturday Night Live
  • Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter
  • Wendy Williams, media personality, host of The Wendy Williams Show

University Infrastructure & services


Northeastern University’s Seattle campus is located in South Lake Union, Washington, USA which is a place for innovation and discovery. The campus is home to a wide variety of companies and institutions that share the university’s vision, South Lake Union area serves as a hub for cutting-edge thought leaders who inspire, create, and execute on new technologies and daily research work. The university’s online and hybrid graduate degree and certificate programs fulfills the major needs of the region’s employers, and includes programs in computer science, bioinformatics, global studies, and project management. The aligned programs of the university provide the knowledge and experience to students which is necessary to make the career in this competitive world.


The library at Northeastern University is an important part of the educational experience and an invaluable resource for students, faculty, staff, and alumni, but also for the broad community. The library offers a wide range of books and other materials and services to support academic studies and enhance research work at Northeastern University. The library has a vast collection of books, e-journals and e-books etc. University libraries are focused to provide high-quality library resources, programs, and services to the students. The library provides flexible and well-equipped surroundings for everyone's research and learning needs. The library supports the student learning experience, creation and administration of knowledge, and also contributes to advancements in teaching and research programs                                                      

Housing services-

On-campus: Northeastern University Seattle campus housing and Residence Life offers halls where students from all over the country and the world live, learn and grow together. The Northeastern University residences offer support and convenience, as well as opportunities for personal growth, cultural exploration, and interaction with all facilities and staff. The University’s housing is perfect for comfortable housing. Students can select a room of their choice based on costs, facilities and availability. Through University’s affinity housing students can live in groups of like-minded students who share the same love for sports, literature, film and course. The various services offered in University’s residence halls are- 

  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Large lounges with kitchens
  • All-inclusive utilities
  • Free Wi-Fi and cable TV
  • Free laundry facilities
  • Residence Life staff support
  • Programming created around a residential curriculum
  • 24-hour security and on-call housing staff

Off-campus- Northeastern University Seattle campus assists students in finding off-campus housing near University’s campus. They provide convenient housing to students, faculty and staff nearby the university. The rental accommodation near the university includes Apartments, Suites and sharing rooms.

Medical services-

Northeastern University Seattle campus provides medical services to students. The Health Services encourage students to live a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve their personal, academic and career goals. They also maintain an emergency response team that responds immediately to any accidents or injuries involving any person on campus. Primary and urgent healthcare, health clearances, routine women’s healthcare, emergency response and wellness education are all part of the services provided. The staff consists of certified physicians and nurses who are dedicated towards their work and provide high-quality medical care to students.

Student’s clubs-

Northeastern University Seattle campus offers wide variety of students’ clubs and organizations which provide wide range of opportunities for students to engross themselves. The university offers everything students need to stay active on campus. 

University location

401 Terry Ave N #103, Seattle, WA 98109, United States

Top Landmarks-

  • Fenway Cultural District
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Symphony Hall
  • Christian Science Centre

International student’s info

Courses Offered-

Northeastern University Seattle campus offers Undergraduate programs, Graduate programs and certificate programs. Some of the courses are-

  • Computing & IT
  • Data Analytics
  • Education & Learning
  • Engineering
  • Law & Criminology
  • Leadership & Management
  • Political Science & Security

Student Support-

 The Office of Global Services at Northeastern University provides international educational exchange via its services. It serves as the primary administrative, programming, and advising office for the international community. The office provides various services like-

  • immigration assistance and support to international students and exchange visitors through advising, programs, workshops and events.
  • serve as a guide for academic and administrative units in the collaboration, hiring and sponsorship of international students and exchange visitors.
  • provides on-going orientation and support services in a welcoming environment designed to help students in cultural adjustment.

Visa and Immigration Support-

Only people who are enrolled full-time in classes or are obtaining a degree are considered to be students for visa purposes. Individuals will probably have one of two types of non-immigrant status:

The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program has multiple categories in which foreign nationals may come to the United States to engage in research collaboration, instruction, and lecturing. University offers three categories of Exchange Visitors: Professor, Research Scholar, and Short-Term Scholar.

  • Professor: A foreign national whose primary purpose is teaching, lecturing, observing, or consulting at post-secondary accredited academic institutions, museums, libraries, or similar types of institutions. A professor also may conduct research where authorized by the sponsor. (Minimum: 3 weeks; Maximum: 5 Years)
  • Research Scholar: A foreign national whose primary purpose is conducting research, observing, or consulting in connection with a research project at research institutions, corporate research facilities, museums, libraries, post-secondary accredited academic institutions, or similar types of institutions. A research scholar also may teach or lecture where authorized by the sponsor. (Minimum: 3 weeks; Maximum: 5 Years)
  • Short-Term Scholar: A foreign national who is a professor, research scholar, or person with similar education or accomplishments who enters the United States for a short-term visit for the purpose of lecturing, observing, consulting, training, or demonstrating special skills at research institutions, museums, libraries, post-secondary accredited academic institutions, or similar types of institutions. (Minimum: N/A; Maximum: 6 Month)
  • After you have been accepted to study at the university, you will receive a Form I-20 document in your admission package with your official admission letter and can begin the student visa application process.

How to apply for your F-1 visa-

Verify your information – Form I-20

  • A passport must match your name and date of birth (DOB)
  • Program dates match the length of the program you've selected
  • Immediately contact the university if any of your information is incorrect
  • Complete the online visa application – Form DS-160
  • Complete the online visa application
  • Print the application form confirmation page to bring to your interview
  • Photo – You will upload your photo while completing the online Form DS-160. Your photo must meet photograph requirements
  • Schedule an interview - at the U.S. embassy or consulate in the country where you live. You may schedule your interview at any U.S. embassy or consulate, but it may be difficult to qualify for a visa outside of your permanent residence. Wait times for interview appointments vary by location, season, and visa category. Apply for your visa as early as possible.
  • Pay the I-901 SEVIS fee before going to the U.S. embassy or consulate for your visa interview. The fee must be paid online.

Gather required documentation

  • Passport
  • Form I-20
  • Non-immigrant visa application
  • Form DS-160 confirmation page
  • I-901 SEVIS fee payment receipt
  • Attend your visa interview – be sure to take your required documents (and all documents your local U.S. consulate requires) to your visa interview.

Canadian citizens do NOT need to go to the U.S. consulate to obtain a visa to enter the U.S.

International Student Contact-

International Admissions 

Phone No.- +1-617-373-2310

E-mail-    [email protected]

Student life

Student society-

Northeastern University student organizations or clubs are one of the best ideas to get involved in campus. Organizations are assembled under an arrangement of causes, identities, and interests. Student organizations at Northeastern University put on some of the most highly anticipated campus events and offer a wide range of opportunities for involvement and leadership every year. Northeastern University offers a wide variety of student organizations, so there is something for each student. 

Sports and fitness-

Northeastern University provides activities that promote healthy lifestyles and fitness for a huge population of students, faculty, and staff. The university provides various sports activities and fitness rooms to keep students fit and healthy. The university offers wellness centers, intramural sports, aquatics, fitness rooms etc.

Health & Wellbeing-

Health and Wellness at Northeastern University highlight the active process of change and growth that involves building resilience, persistence, and positivity in the phase of provocations. It is the initiative dedicated to helping students incorporate in an overall well-being experience across campus. They allow students to actively indulge in well-being activities that provide support to a holistic lifestyle. Through this initiative, students will learn and understand resources and they will also learn how to help others in need. 

Residential Life-

On-campus housing at Northeastern University provides on-campus accommodation. University assists students in finding nearby accommodations hassle-free.

Food & drink-

Northeastern University provides a dining hall in the heart of the campus.  Dining is open to students, faculty, and staff. The dining plan offers different dining options which include special dietary menus such as vegetarian and low-fat food. The plans are designed to fit the busy schedule of students, the plan assists all dietary preferences by providing a wide range of dining options and healthy food options. There are a number of cafes and restaurants available on-campus which provides a huge variety to students.

Short-term getaways, weekend getaways

There are many short-term getaways near Northeastern University to have fun like- 

  • Fenway Cultural District
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Symphony Hall
  • Christian Science Centre

and there are many other options also available to spend holidays and weekends.

Part-time jobs

The Career Center at Northeastern University provides employment opportunities to students who want to earn money while studying to pay their expenses. The Office of Student Employment helps students find part-time work that not only builds their bank account, it is also on or near campus, and gives them a relevant and meaningful career experience that enhances their resume.

Student Safety

Crime Around the area-

Northeastern University keeps safety at a priority. The University's Police Department provides 24/7 assistance to deter crime and to increase personal safety and building security. A security desk is located in the lobby of each residence hall, which assists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure the safety and identification of those entering and leaving the campus buildings. Students can call an officer to escort them anywhere on campus 24/7. The University is committed to providing a safe, secure living and learning environment for all students, faculty and staff.    

Famous courses

The famous courses at Northeastern University Seattle campus are-

  • Computing & IT
  • Data Analytics
  • Education & Learning
  • Engineering
  • Law & Criminology
  • Leadership & Management
  • Political Science & Security

Campus recruitment


The Placement Office at Northeastern University has an award-winning placement team that is dedicated to supporting students throughout their placement search. The university hosts recruitment events to provide jobs to students.

Famous companies who recruit directly from Northeastern University–

  • Boeing
  • Amazon
  • Twitter
  • Microsoft
  • Deloitte

Application Requirements

  • Create a new account
  • Completed Application Form
  • Submit required support documents
  • Academic Records
  • Pay the application fee 
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Recommendations
  • Standardized Test Scores

Northeastern University Seattle Campus Programs

Tuition Fees
Standard Test

Northeastern University Seattle Campus Application Requirements

Acceptance Rate

IELTS score requirements

A strong proficiency in the English language is essential for admission into universities in United States of America. To be able to get a successful admission in Northeastern University Seattle Campus in United States of America students need to complete IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5.

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Northeastern University Seattle Campus Cost of studies


Bachelors: USD $50450.

Fees may vary for each program.Please visit program page for specific fees.

Northeastern University Seattle Campus Deadlines

Bachelors: Fall-January 1
Masters: Fall-November 15

Deadlines may vary for each program. Please visit program page for specific deadlines.

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