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Q. What is the main USP of Rice University?

The main USP of Rice is University is the student faculty ratio which is 6:1 which is very low. The university is also known for its distinguished research for which it receives a funding of around $150 million dollars. It is also ranked 16th nationally by the US News .

Q. What is the ranking of Rice University?

Rice University was ranked 16 by the US News in the category of National Universities and 5th in the best value school category. It was given a global ranking of 167 by the US News in the category of global ranking and was ranked 21 by Forbes in the national university ranking.

Q. What is Rice University famous for?

Rice University is famous for its special programs in the field of applied science, specifically in artificial heart research, structural chemical analysis, signal-processing, space science and nanotechnology. It is also popular for its architecture and greenery.

Q. Is Houston a large city?

Houston is the ninth-largest city in the US in terms of area and population wise it’s the fourth most populated city in the US.

Q. What’s the weather like around Rice University?

The summers are very hot and over-powering whereas the winters are cold and rainy. The temperature varies from 47F to 95F and is rarely below 35F or above 100F.

Q. How many students study at Rice University?

The total number of students at Rice University is 6740.

Q. Who are the top alumni of Rice University?

Rice University alumni include 5 Nobel Prize Winners. Some of the famous names are Thomas H. Cruikshank, John Doerr, Howard Hughes, Fred C Koch Alberto Gonzales, Charles Duncan, John Kline, George P. Bush , John Earnest ,Robert Curl and David Eagleman.

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