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Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology is a public college founded in 1967 having an experience of delivering quality education across the world. The college has total 9 campuses in Greater Toronto, Ontario: Jane Campus, King Campus, Markham Campus, New Market Campus, Newnham Campus, Scarborough Campus, York Campus, Vaughan Campus, Yorkgate Campus and one in Peterborough Campus.

Seneca College Ranking

Seneca College is among well known colleges in Canada,

Below is Seneca college users ranking

  • Facebook  4.1 out of 5 from 691 user reviews
  • Google is 3.7 from 694 user ratings.

However the college has no official ranking as per top ranking agencies such as QS, Us News & Times Now.

As per web data, it has a descending ranking over past 3 years

Seneca College Acceptance Rate

Seneca college has an acceptance rate of apprx 85% for the year  2018-19. With over 17000 students and a faculty ratio of 22, Senecal college is in the top list for acceptance rate in Canadian colleges. Other admission enrollments are 2.5 GPA, 6.5 IELTS & 30 IB requirement

Seneca College Programs & Courses

Seneca college offers more than 191 programs consisting 23 programs in certificates and 72 programs in diploma to 28 programs in advanced diploma to 48 programs in graduate and 16 programs in bachelor’s degree programs. The college offers programs in faculty of arts, animation and design, faculty of fashion and esthetics, faculty of liberal arts and science and university transfers, faculty of media and communications and faculty of performance.

Seneca comes on top in Ontario college list sending students to universities through partnerships and pathway programs and received recognition globally for delivering diversified programs. Seneca has over 97500 students including full time and part time students. The student faculty ratio at this college is 22:1.

Around 91 percent employers who hired Seneca graduates are satisfied and an average graduate employment success rate is more than 77 percent of Seneca students

Seneca College Notable Alumni: Enza Anderson (Political activist and media personality), Rukhsana Khan (Author, writer, storyteller), Camilla Di Giuseppe (Television reporter, CTV Calgary)

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