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University History

The University of Sheffield is a public-research University based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. The University of Sheffield first started as Sheffield Medical School in the year 1828 and then with time it grew and started firth college in 1879 and the Sheffield Technical School in 1884. These three institutions came together to form the University of Sheffield and the University was granted a royal charter in 1905 by King Edward VII. University of Sheffield is a well known and prestigious Universities of the country. The University comes under the Red Brick Universities and is also a founding member of the Russell Group. The University of Sheffield is now home to almost 30,000 students from all around the globe.

University of Sheffield Programs, Schools and Courses

The University of Sheffield is one of the top 100 Universities of the world. The programs and courses of the University has always attracted more applications every year around the globe. The courses that are being offered by the University of Sheffield are:

  • Undergraduate course
  • Post-graduate study
  • International study program
  • Research
  • Online programs

There are various departments and faculties that offer the above courses, they are listed below:

  • School of artificial intelligence
  • Department of oncology and metabolism
  • Department of infection, immunity and cardiovascular
  • School of languages and culture
  • School of clinical psychiatry
  • School of ecology
  • School of environmental sciences
  • School of health sciences
  • Department of East Asian studies
  • Department of linguistics
  • Faculty of science
  • Faculty of sociological studies

To know more about the departments, schools and facilities, click here:departments/academic

University of Sheffield USP and Achievements

University of Sheffield is one of the Red Brick Universities and is also a founding member of the Russell Group. University of Sheffield is also a part of the N8 group of the eight most research intensive universities in Northern England and White Rose University Consortium. It has also been ranked in the top 100 Universities by the QS World rankings from the last 15 years.

Major rankings of the University are as follows

  • Ranked 22 by Sunday Times
  • Ranked 27 by Guardian
  • Ranked 95 by QS World rankings
  • Ranked 101- 150 by ARWU
  • Ranked 169 by CWTS Leiden
  • Ranked 20th in Europe and 10th

University of Sheffield Notable Alumni

University of Sheffield Notable Alumni are some of the most famous names in the field of literature, arts, entertainment, sports and many others. Some of the few names are listed below:

  • Nicholas Liverpool
  • Nurrerin Canikli
  • David Blunkett
  • Jean Paul Adam
  • Nick Timothy
  • Andy haldane
  • Maggie Atkinson
  • Julia Macur
  • Arifin Zakaria
  • Hilary Mantel
  • Lee Child
  • Brian Glover

University of Sheffield Infrastructure and Services

University of Sheffield Campus

University of Sheffield Campus is in the heart of the city and everything is easily accessible around. The campus has its own bar, cafes and restaurants that are run by its students. The University of Sheffield Campus has around 400 buildings that are close to each other but are divided by Upper street, inner ring road and others. The University of Sheffield Campus buildings has been designed in Victorian style. The most famous buildings or the campus are: Sir Frederick Mappin Building, western bank building, Firth court, Alfred Denny building and many other buildings. The University has all the facilities and everything in and around the campus and that is the reason this is one the largest Universities in terms of area and space it holds. There are Library, sports and recreational center, art gallery, museum, medical school and many others.

To know in detail about the campus, you can click here: University_of_Sheffield

University of Sheffield libraries

University of Sheffield Libraries are well-equipped with modern day technologies and are known for its largest collection of resources. The libraries have a collection of 1.2 millions of resources both in print and digital. Libraries also have the archives and special collections. The services that are being offered by the libraries are: study spaces, 550 pcs, interlibrary loan, borrowing, faculty support, easy access to journals and articles, research support and many other services. The libraries are as follows:

  • Western bank library
  • Information commons
  • Health science library
  • The diamond

To know more about the libraries, click here:University_of_Sheffield

University of Sheffield Housing/ Accomodation services

On-Campus: University of Sheffield Housing services offer a variety of options to the students to choose from. Living on-campus always has its perks as students get to live with a diverse community of students and get to learn from each other. There are Ensuite, deluxe, house, standard, studio rooms available for the students. There are transport facilities that makes it easy for the students to commute from the residential halls to their respective departments. There are accommodation available in Ranmoor and Endcliffe.

Accommodation rate varies from £3000 to £10,000. To know in detail about the accomodation rates, click here: accommodation

Click here to check the housing deadlines: accommodation-fees

To know more abou the housing services,click here: accommodation

How to apply?

  • First set up MUSE account
  • Log in to MUSE and start your application for accommodation

Off-Campus: There are various websites giving information regarding off-campus housing facilities. Students can check them if they are willing to stay off-campus.

University of Sheffield Medical Services

The University Health Centre can be found at 53 Gell Street, on the corner with Glossop Road. The health center is operating from Monday to Friday. The health center has a team of doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, pharmacists and other health care professionals. The medical services varies from treatment of acute illness to major injuries. To know more about the medical services, click here health-service/about

University of Sheffield Student Clubs

University of Sheffield Student Clubs are actively conducting various events in the university. The student clubs and organisations give the students an opportunity to learn different skills, plan and execute events and also widen their horizons. There are different clubs in the campus working towards different agendas. Their clubs and organizations cover a wide range of activities and interests, from academic societies, the arts, club sports and intramurals, to activity and event coordinators, and leadership programs. To name a few clubs and societies:

  • Card gaming society
  • Chamber choir society
  • Darts society
  • East African society
  • Effective altruism society
  • Fairhealth society
  • Feminist society
  • Geography society
  • Gluten free society
  • History society rugby club
  • Horror society
  • Investment society

To know more about the societies and clubs, click here: activities/find-a-society

University of Sheffield Location

The University of Sheffield is located at the Sheffield S10 2TN, United Kingdom.

Nearest airports

University of Sheffield nearest airports are as follows:

  • Doncaster/ Sheffield airport
  • Manchester airport
  • East Midlands airport
  • Leeds/ Bradford airport

Top Landmarks

University of Sheffield Top Landmarks are as follows:

  • Arts tower
  • Western bank library
  • Diamond seen
  • St. George's Church
  • Jessop west
  • Firth court
  • Alfred Denny building
  • Sir Frederick Mappin Building
  • Drama studio

University of Sheffield International Student Info

Courses offered in University of Sheffield:

The University offers around 200 programs through 18 colleges and schools. All the courses can be checked here in detail: courses-overview

University of Sheffield Student support

The University has the Student support services department that assists students on various aspects. Their office is at:

Krauss Hall Room 114

2500 Dole Street

Honolulu HI, 96822

University of Sheffield Visas & immigration support-

After taking admission in University of Sheffield, the student will receive a SEVIS form I-20. After receiving that you have to contact US embassy to schedule an appointment for Visa. You have to take all your original documents, letter of admission and original financial support documents.

To know more in detail, click here:

University of Sheffield International student contact

International students can contact:

2600 Campus Rd

Queen Liliuokalani Center for Student Services Room 206

Honolulu, HI 96822

Office hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 3:30pm

Student Life in University of Sheffield

Student society

University of Sheffield students clubs are actively conducting various events in the university. The student clubs and organization give the students an opportunity to learn different skills, plan and execute events, and widen their horizons. There are different clubs in the campus working towards different agendas. There are around 100 student clubs and organizations in the campus. These student organizations represent general interests, spiritual beliefs, academic interests, cultural groups, social awareness projects, club sports, and honor societies.

University of Sheffield Sports and fitness

The sports teams of the University are called the “Saints”. The various sports that are being played at the university are: basketball, baseball, rugby, soccer, volleyball, hockey and many others. The university has various sports grounds and fitness centers for practice. The University offers a diverse NCAA Division I athletic program with approximately 450 students on 20 varsity teams in affiliation with the Western Athletic Conference, the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation and the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association.

To know more about sports, click here: sports-recreation

University of Sheffield Health & Wellbeing

The University health services Manoa provides all kinds of medical assistance to the students and the staffs of the university. The center has physicians, nurses, practitioners, pharmacists, laboratory assistants and so on. The University has health promotion programs to provide information on different health-related issues.

University of Sheffield Residential Life

The residential life at the University is an experience in itself. One gets to stay with a diverse community of students coming from different cultural backgrounds. There are different activities and programs organized for the students so that everyone gets a chance to know each other.

Food & drink

University of Sheffield Food and Drinks options are as follows:

  • Da spot
  • Dunkin
  • Holoholo grill
  • Hot tacos
  • Lasoon
  • Le crepe café
  • Ono seafood

University of Sheffield Short-term getaways

University of Sheffield short-term getaways are as follows:

  • Electric beach
  • Stairway to heaven
  • Manoa falls
  • Koko head stairs
  • Maunawili falls
  • Lanikai pillboxes
  • Crouching lion hike

University of Sheffield Part-time jobs

The University has part-time job for students in the campus itself. There are around 4000 students currently working in part-time jobs. Students can look for part-time jobs at the Manoa Career Center. There are also off-campus part-time job opportunities that can be checked at the same career center. Students can look here for more information: careercenter

Student Safety in University of Sheffield

The department of public safety patrols the campus 24 hours a day. Safety escorts are available after dark and also there is Manoa Guardian app that can be downloaded in the smart phones. The users of this app can directly contact the DPS officers in emergency. To know more about campus safety, click here: campus-life/safety

Famous Courses in University of Sheffield

Famous courses in University of Sheffield are as follows:

  • Biological and biomedical sciences
  • Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Geosciences
  • Space sciences
  • Social sciences

University of Sheffield Campus Recruitments

Process: There is on-campus recruitment of the students where students can attend interviews of different companies. Students can get in touch with the career center for any related information. The career center also organizes career fair for the students where they can easily select to work according to their choices. The career center also organizes counseling session for the students to help them choose the right career path.

  • Median Earnings 5 Years After Graduation      70000 (example)
  • Median Earnings 2 Years After Graduation    45000 (example)
  • Employed 2 Years After Graduation   80% (example)
  • Employed 6 months After Graduation             70% (example)

Application requirement

Students are required to produce the following during admissions:

  • English proficiency test
  • Official secondary and post-secondary school transcripts
  • Financial information
  • Letter of recommendation

Application deadline: fall semester- March 1Spring semester- October 1

To apply, click here: admissions/apply

The University of Sheffield Programs

Tuition Fees
Standard Test

The University of Sheffield Application Requirements

Acceptance Rate

IELTS score requirements

A strong proficiency in the English language is essential for admission into universities in United Kingdom. To be able to get a successful admission in The University of Sheffield in United Kingdom students need to complete IELTS with a minimum score of 6.

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The University of Sheffield Cost of studies



Undergraduate : £ 17,600.


The University of Sheffield Deadlines

January 15th for equal consideration, June 30th for further consideration

The University of Sheffield Rankings


US News
101 -150
Times Higher Education
GTU Rank


United Kingdom
US News
9 -16
Times Higher Education


US News
Times Higher Education

The University of Sheffield Scholarships

1. International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

We are delighted to offer 50 International Undergraduate Merit Scholarships. The scholarships are competitive awards worth 50% of the tuition fee for an undergraduate degree program starting in September. The scholarship is available for new international (non-EU) students.

Eligibility Criteria/ Scholarship Guidelines

You will be able to apply for a scholarship via MUSE for applicants.

You must receive an offer to study a full-time or part-time undergraduate program at the University of Sheffield by 19 April.

Your program must be scheduled to commence at the University of Sheffield in September.

You must receive an offer for a course studied in full at the University of Sheffield. All undergraduate degree courses are eligible with the exceptions of Medicine (A100/A101) and Dentistry (A200).

For tuition fee purposes you must be self-funded and eligible to pay the overseas tuition fee.

You must not be a sponsored student*.

You must enter a degree program at the University of Sheffield in program year 1 or year 2.

For scholarship purposes, all March programs are considered as postgraduate taught program and are not eligible for this or any other undergraduate scholarship.

The University of Sheffield reserves the right to review and change scholarship provision.

No data available. Coming soon!

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