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Thomas Aquinas College

United States of America


Thomas Aquinas College History

Thomas Aquinas College was established in 1971 and is located in Ventura County, California. The founders of the University who were catholic educators were deeply concerned about the declining higher education. This led to the rise of Thomas Aquinas College.

Thomas Aquinas College Programs, Courses, and Schools

Thomas Aquinas College offers a Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts. The curriculum of this program is highly inspired by the Great Books of the Western Tradition which means that it focuses on geometry, astronomy, arithmetic, and music on one hand and logic, rhetoric, and grammar on the other.

Thomas Aquinas College Campuses

The main campus of the Thomas Aquinas College is located in Ventura County, California and the second campus is located at Northfield, Massachusetts. The later is a fairly new campus. Students are provided with spiritual guidance as some priests live on campus to do so. The University comprises of the chapel, library, and dormitories.

Thomas Aquinas College USP and Achievements

Apart from Princeton Review and US News World Reports, the College has been reviewed by the Newman Guide for the college’s commitment to Orthodox Catholicism.

As per the Washington Monthly, the college stands among the top 100 American liberal arts colleges for “contribution to the public good”.

It was also listed among the 10 best Roman catholic colleges by USA Today.

Thomas Aquinas College Notable Alumni

Rev. John Berg (former Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter), Peter Kwasniewski (American traditionalist Catholic writer and composer of sacred music)

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