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Wilkes University 

Wilkes University is a well-known private university, which is situated in Wilkes-Barre in Pennsylvania, USA. Over 2,200 full-time and part-time graduate students as well as over 2,200 undergraduate students attend Wilkes University.

Wilkes University History

Wilkes University was established in 1933 as a branch campus of Bucknell University. In 1947, Wilkes University separated from Bucknell University and adopted the name Wilkes College in honor of English radical leader John Wilkes, for whom Wilkes-Barre is named. In January 1990, the institution was given university status.

Wilkes University Programs, Courses, and Schools

Wilkes University provides undergraduate and graduate students with programs and courses in science, education, engineering, business, and liberal arts.

There are many Schools and colleges at Wilkes University that house the academic programs:

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Health and Education
  • College of Business and Engineering
  • Sidhu School of Business and Leadership
  • School of Education
  • Nesbitt School of Pharmacy
  • Passan School of Nursing

Wilkes University Achievements/USP

Wilkes University's USP and Achievements include being a "Doctoral/Professional University." The Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools' Commission on Higher Education has accredited Wilkes University. The curriculum, opportunities, and intimate mentoring of a small institution are combined with the resources of a large university at Wilkes. Together with students, faculty members search for answers to the most serious problems facing the world today. Wilkes University supports innovative academic initiatives, plans, concepts, and sustainable practices.

Wilkes University Notable Alumni

  • Ann Bartuska
  • Jackson Berkey
  • Marty Blake
  • Catherine Chandler
  • Jesse Chpoer
  • Donora Hillard 
  • Marlon James
  • Evana Manandhar 
  • Bo Ryan
  • Frank Zane
  • Edward Weber
  • William R. Evanina

Wilkes University infrastructure & services

Wilkes University Campuses

The Wilkes University campus is located in the Pennsylvania city of Wilkes-Barre. In the same city block, South River Street, South Franklin Street, South Street, and Northampton Street, are where the majority of the academic buildings are situated. The largest structure on campus, the Stark Learning Center (SLC), is situated on South River Street and has a floor area of 220,000 square feet (20,000 square meters), housing offices, labs, and classrooms. The building has classrooms and offices for math, engineering, and nursing. In the same block as SLC on South Franklin Street, Breiseth Hall, a three-story structure, houses offices and classrooms for the humanities and social sciences.

Wilkes University Libraries

  The Eugene Shadden Farley Library at Wilkes University offers library services. The Eugene Shedden Farley Library was founded in 1968. The Wilkes University library had 200,000 volumes and bound journals as of 2019, 75,000 electronic journals, 430 newspaper and journal subscriptions, and circulating technology including iPads and laptops.

Wilkes University Housing services

   Wilkes University provides housing services through its various student residence halls. Wilkes University has seventeen separate residence halls and apartment complexes for students of all levels, with some units allocated for upperclassmen. Many residence halls are housed in 19th century mansions gifted to the university or buildings purchased by the university. On campus, there are over 11 mansion and house style residence halls.

Here is a list of Wilkes University housing options:

  • Evans Hall
  • Roth Hall
  • Ross Hall
  • Fortinsky Halls
  • Schiowitz Hall
  • Sterling Hall
  • University Towers
  • Waller Hall

Wilkes University Medical services

       Wilkes University's medical services are administered by the Health and Wellness Services office. They provide routine medical services to all students, employees, and teachers and are staffed by a qualified registered nurse practitioner and a registered nurse. Its purpose is to promote health and medical care by providing care, education, and advocacy. If students desire to use these services, they must have observed the Covid- 19 Rule.

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Wilkes University Students clubs

 Wilkes University has a variety of student clubs that celebrate the campus's diversity.

Wilkes University's student clubs are listed below:

  • Christian Fellowship Club
  • Hindu Spirituality Club
  • Saudi Interest Club
  • Iai Club
  • Geoexplore Club
  • Cheerleading Club
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club
  • Ski & Snowboarding Club

Wilkes University location

 84 W South St, 

 Wilkes-Barre, PA 18766, 

 United States        

Wilkes University's different campuses locations

     The Wilkes University campus is located in the Pennsylvania city of Wilkes-Barre. In the same city block, South River Street, South Franklin Street, South Street, and Northampton Street, are where the majority of the academic buildings are situated. Wilkes-Barre is the county seat of Luzerne County in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. In the 2020 census, it had a population of 44,328 and was located in the heart of the Wyoming Valley.    

Wilkes University's top landmarks nearby, top companies, and airports nearby

  Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (AVP) Airport is the nearest airport to Wilkes-Barre, located 10.1 miles away. Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton (ABE) (47.5 miles), Harrisburg (MDT) (86.3 miles), Trenton-Mercer (TTN) (87.6 miles), and Newark (EWR) airports are all nearby (97.4 miles).

Wilkes University International student’s info

Wilkes University courses offered

  • Arts
  • Humanities
  • Behavioural and Social Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Pharmacy
  • Education
  • Business Administration 
  • Business
  • MBA

Wilkes University student support

  Wilkes University offers a wide range of programs and services to support students succeed academically and personally throughout their stay at the university.  More information about each program or service is available through the Office of Student Affairs or on the University's website.

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Wilkes University visas & immigration support

  International Student Services at Wilkes University supports all international students, professors, and staff with immigration and visa support, as well as programs and cultural support.

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Wilkes University international student contact

For any queries and support international students can contact here:

Assistant Director of International Student and Scholar Services

[email protected]


Wilkes University Student life

Wilkes University student society

Wilkes University has a diverse student society that celebrates the campus's diversity. Faith, Diversity, and Culture students’ society reflects the diverse mix of its students.

Here is a list of Wilkes University student societies:

  • Asian Interest Society
  • Islamic Interest Society
  • Indian Cultural Association
  • Caribbean Students Association
  • Multicultural students Coalition
  • Wilkes African Cultural Association

Wilkes University sports and fitness

   Wilkes University's recreational center and athletics departments provide sports and fitness facilities. Wilkes University has a robust intramural sports program as well as intercollegiate play in twenty-three varsity sports. Basketball, cross-country, field hockey, golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, and volleyball are examples of varsity sports for women. Men participate on the varsity level in baseball, basketball, cross-country, football, golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and wrestling.

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Wilkes University Health & Wellbeing

Counseling Center provides health and well-being services at Wilkes University. As it continues to provide student support services, the Wilkes University Counseling Center will proceed with caution and safety in mind. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, counselling will mostly meet with folks via Telehealth until further notice in order to ensure everyone's safety. For any student issue, the Wilkes University Support Line 570-408-CHAT (2428) will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Wilkes University Residential Life

     Wilkes University provides an excellent residential life for its residents. The Office of Residence Life at Wilkes University is dedicated to assisting its residential students in resolving any issues that may arise during their time on campus. Its live-in hall staff consists of resident directors and resident assistants who serve as invaluable resources and have been trained to assist our students in a number of scenarios. The director and deputy director of Residence Life live on campus and are available to respond swiftly and responsibly to any concerns that may occur.

Wilkes University food & drink

  • Henry’s Dining Hall
  • Stark Learning Center
  • Rifkin Café
  • Grille Works
  • Starbucks at Gambini
  • POD Market
  • Green to Go 
  • Which Wich

Wilkes University short term getaways 

  • Kirby Park
  • Nesbitt Park
  • River Common
  • Seven Tubs Nature Area
  • Toby Creek
  • Coal Street Park
  • Swetland Homestead
  • Wyoming Monument
  • Abrahams Creek 

Wilkes University Part-time jobs

Wilkes University allows students for part-time jobs. During the academic year, students can work a maximum of 20 hours per week and 30 hours per week during the summer term. Work cannot be done during class.

A student may work no more than two jobs every term.

Wilkes University Student Safety

The Wilkes University Police Department is dedicated to making the campus safe for students, instructors, staff, and visitors. The Wilkes University Service Center assists the University's faculty, staff, students, and the broader community in providing a safe, secure, and healthy work environment in support of the University's educational purpose and its role as a catalyst for the improvement of the local community. The Service Center is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Crime Around the area- According to FBI crime statistics, Wilkes-Barre is not one of America's safest cities. Wilkes-Barre has a higher crime rate than 92 percent of the state's cities and municipalities of all sizes combined.

Wilkes University Famous courses

  • Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Pharmacy

Wilkes University Campus recruitment

Process- Wilkes University's Center for Career Development and Internships can assist you in determining your career path and guiding you through the construction of your résumé, interviewing, internships, and job search. Aside from that, The Handshake online network connects Wilkes University students with internship and job opportunities across the country. Handshake is used by over 500,000 businesses to connect and develop relationships.

  1. Median Earnings 5 Years After Graduation      70000 
  2. Median Earnings 2 Years After Graduation      45000 
  3. Employed 2 Years After Graduation             80% 
  4. Employed 6 months After Graduation             70% 

Wilkes University Brochures & applications 

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Wilkes University Application Requirements


  • Online application
  • Choose your program
  • Application fee-$40
  • High school transcripts
  • Official academics documents
  • Visa 
  • Passport
  • Confirmation letter
  • Reference letter
  • Personal statement
  • Resume
  • English Proficiency test score


  • Online application
  • Choose your program
  • Application fee-$40
  • Degree transcripts
  • Official academics documents
  • Visa 
  • Passport
  • Confirmation letter
  • Reference letter
  • Personal statement
  • Resume
  • English Proficiency test score

Wilkes University Programs

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