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Worcester Polytechnic Institute is one of the nation’s earliest technological private universities which was established in the year 1865 in Worcester, Massachusetts. The campus sits on Boynton Hill, Boston apart from the adjacent neighborhood, which includes restaurants and stores on Highland Street.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute has over 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in science, engineering, technology, management, the social sciences, and the humanities and arts, leading to bachelor's, master's and PhD degrees.Worcester Polytechnic Institute is divided in 14 academic departments with over 6500 students in the campus.

WPI founding motto in 1865 — Theory and Practice — continues to underline their academic programs. The WPI Bioengineering Institute is a significant contributor to Worcester's growing biotechnology industry. Significant research in other fields such as metallic, untethered health care, fuel cells, the learning sciences, applied mathematics and fire protection currently help establish WPI as an important, specialized research university.

WPI's faculty works with students in a number of research areas, including biotechnology, fuel cells, information security, surface metrology, materials processing, and nanotechnology. Graduate research programs include robotics, materials science, cybersecurity, and learning sciences and technology.

WPI's undergraduate schedule is also unusual compared to most universities. Instead of a normal semester, WPI has 7-week terms, labeled A through D, with optional E Terms 1 and 2 in the summer. It is normal to take three courses during each term, which allows students to complete a year's worth of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, etc. in only one semester. PI's project-based curriculum makes it unique by requiring undergraduate students to complete a Sufficiency in the Liberal Arts (or a Technical Sufficiency for liberal arts majors), an Interactive Qualifying Project to study the social effects of technology with students from other disciplines, and a Major Qualifying Project within their own discipline. At WPI, the opportunity to complete significant project work off campus is an integral element of an academic program that emphasizes the practical application of knowledge to meaningful technical and societal problems. Through the Global Projects Program, over 60% of WPI students complete at least one of their required projects at an off-campus Project Center.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute has over 6,500 students and 478 academic staff, and the student to faculty ratio is 13:1. The acceptance rate is 49%.

Notable Alumni: Paul Allaire (Previous CEO of Xerox), Lawrence C. Jones (Vermont Attorney General), Todd Akin (Former member U.S. House of Representatives)

Tuition Fees
Standard Test

As a student in our hands-on program, you will master mathematical theory and apply your knowledge to solve real problems in the actuarial industry. You ll also have opportunities to conduct research alongside professional actuaries and gain complementary skills in business, economics, and computer science.You will be well prepared to pass preliminary actuarial certification exams and will graduate as a confident and creative problem solver.BS/MS OptionWith planning, students may complete both a bachelor s degree in Actuarial Mathematics and a master s degree in Financial Mathematics or Applied Statistics within 5 years total at WPI.

Official transcripts from all undergraduate level or higher courses, Official SAT or ACT scores, TOEFL score of 84 or IELTS score of 7

Most of our students pass preliminary actuarial exams before they graduate, qualifying them to work as actuarial assistants. With their creative problem-solving abilities and real-world experience, they continue to advance their careers in industries including life and health insurance companies, property and casualty insurance companies, consulting firms, and state or federal government agencies. Many of our graduates also continue with their education.

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The BA of Environmental & Sustainability Studies program at WPI gives you the intensive technological and social training to prepare you to solve the complex environmental problems of our time particularly the consequences of human-induced changes to the environment.With hands-on project work and course work fully embedded in the science, technology, and innovation so prevalent in WPI s culture, you ll work with engineers, scientists, and social scientists to understand the impact and relevance of making changes in such an intricate system.While working closely with faculty, peers, and community members, you ll learn to communicate technical information fluently, and also have the know-how to implement scientifically accurate and culturally sensitive change.

Official transcripts from all undergraduate level or higher courses, Official SAT or ACT scores, TOEFL score of 84 or IELTS score of 7

After Graduation,Students graduating with a BA in Environmental & Sustainability Studies use their social approach and scientific know-how in many fields where those issues are paramount, including government, legal, environmental, or academia. Graduates go on to advanced degree studies or take on roles in environmental consulting, as teachers or planners.

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WPI s BS in Humanities & Arts (HUA) combines the humanities and arts with science to provide a unique balance in studies to help students understand that science and technology are means to a greater end.With the support of a talented and dedicated faculty, as well as access to several world-class local cultural institutions for project work, seminars, and performances, HUA students will be equipped with the knowledge and understanding of human behavior and critical thinking skills needed to succeed in their careers and in life.While many students choose WPI because of the chance to explore their interests through the 2-unit HUA requirement, students may also major or minor in the humanities and arts or pursue a double major in combination with a science, engineering, or management program.

Official transcripts from all undergraduate level or higher courses, Official SAT or ACT scores, TOEFL score of 84 or IELTS score of 7

After Graduation,Because graduates of the Humanities & Arts program have completed required math and science work, humanities coursework, and humanities and interdisciplinary projects, they ve set themselves up for a distinct advantage in their chosen fields. Upon graduation from WPI, some students choose to continue their education with graduate or pre-professional studies, while others find careers in environmental studies, writing, teaching, performing, museum studies, public health, and more.

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The LAE program is designed to be flexible while supporting its core in engineering and the liberal arts. It upholds the two cornerstones of engineering - science and design - in a meaningful way and provides substantive treatment of humanistic, social, and business factors related to engineering and technology. You will build a resume with relevant experiences to support your future pursuits. You will graduate not only possessing a solid knowledge of engineering, but also a broader business perspective, the tools to communicate effectively, and the ability to solve problems.

Official transcripts from all undergraduate level or higher courses, Official SAT or ACT scores, TOEFL score of 84 or IELTS score of 7

Companies today expect employees to fill multiple roles in a global context; a greater demand is being placed on undergraduate education to meet these expectations. WPI s Liberal Arts & Engineering degree offers a merging of engineering and the liberal arts that provides students new multidisciplinary tools to solve complex problems in a technology-driven society.

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Picture a career as a cryptographer designing systems to protect sensitive data, an animator bringing the next great film to the big screen, or an operations analyst helping organizations run more efficiently.WPI s hands-on, project-oriented program will give you the expert knowledge and practical experience needed to excel in both academia and industry. You ll master mathematical theory and put your skills and knowledge to use to solve real problems in the world around you. You ll also benefit from our strong connections to industry and highly flexible plans of study.

Official transcripts from all undergraduate level or higher courses, Official SAT or ACT scores, TOEFL score of 84 or IELTS score of 7

After Graduation,Graduates with degrees in Mathematical Sciences are in high demand, and the hands-on experience you gain at WPI will enable you to begin making important contributions right away, whether you continue your education or start a career in industries such as:Insurance and financeData analyticsHealthcareEducationEntertainmentAerospace and transportationMost engineering fields

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a) Common application

b) Official high school transcript

c) Letters of recommendation (Guidance counselor and Teacher)

d) Official SAT/ACT Scores

e) Typical SAT scores: Math (640-740), Critical reading (570-680),Writing (560-670), ACT (27-32)

f) Average GPA 3.66

g) TOEFL/IELTS scores if the applicant’s native language is not English

h) TOEFL: 80, MELAB: 80, GCSE (British General Certificate of Secondary Education): Minimum score A or B, IELTS: 6.5, PTE: 53

i) Acceptance rate: 49% (2015)

Requirements may vary for each program. Please visit program page for specific requirements.


Bachelors: $51,604

Masters: $32,886

Fees may vary for each program. Please visit the program page for specific fees.

Cost of Living

The annual cost of living at Worcester Polytechnic Institute is $15,302 approx.


Yes, the university has in campus dorm facilities.


Early Action (Round 1): November 1

Early Action (Round 2): January 1

Regular Decision: February 1

Masters: Deadlines vary for each program.

Deadlines may vary for each program. Please visit the program page for specific deadlines.

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