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Q. What is the main USP of Middlesex University-Dubai ?
It has same validation and monitoring system as those offered at their home campus in London; with the same examinations taken simultaneously in both cities; students have the benefit of receiving their degree from the UK whilst being able to study in one of the most dynamic, vibrant and rapidly developing cities in the world but in a reasonable cost
Q. What is the ranking of Middlesex University-Dubai?
Country rank -20 & World ranking- 7127
It is licensed by Dubai government's Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and getting your degree attested by them would deem your qualification acceptable to all private and public companies in Dubai, as well as universities for higher education
Q. What is Middlesex University-Dubai famous for?
Middlesex University Dubai has over 3,600 students from more than 100 nationalities; We provide students with the opportunity to transfer their studies to one of our overseas campuses within their second year of study
Q. Is Dubai a large city?
It is a leading global city with a multicultural population where almost 80% are expats
Q. What's the weather around Middlesex University-Dubai?
Dubai has a sub-tropical, arid climate. Sunny, blue skies can be expected most of the year. Rainfall is infrequent and irregular, falling mainly in winter. Temperatures range from a low of about 10C/50F to a high of 48C/118.4F.
Q.How many students study in Middlesex University-Dubai?
There are over 3,600 students studying in this University.
Q.Who are some of the top Alumni of Middlesex University?
Some of the top alumni are:

  1. Anusha Pramod (BEng Computer Systems Engineering 2018)
  2. Aafreen Farrukh (BA Honours Psychology with Marketing 2019)
  3. Nicole Jessica Guinto Hayes (BA Honours International Tourism Management 2020)
  4. Augustin Thomas Jose (BSc Business Information Systems 2018)


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