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Q.How many international students are studying in Solent University?

Has over 11000 students from more than 100 nationalities 
Q. Can I work while studying in Solent University?

Yes, maximum 20 hours part time per week during studies & 40 hours full time during vacations or off-days.
Q. Are there intern or part time opportunities for students in Solent University?

Solent Futures Online advertises a range of opportunities including full-time and part-time jobs, placements, voluntary opportunities, and work experience. There is an abundance of part-time job opportunities locally in Southampton. The majority of these are in retail, hospitality, catering, care, leisure and tourism.
Work on campus:
As well as external vacancies, another option is the chance to work on campus, employed by Solent University Services Ltd. See below for more information about Campus Jobs.

Q. How much can I earn through part time jobs while studying in Solent University?

Average wages of 10-15 GBP per hour, the student can expect to earn from part-time jobs

Q. What are the weekend activities for students studying in Solent University?

Going to the cinema
Having a sleepover and spending all night chatting, like old times
Shopping for uni supplies
Seeing if your city has a board game café. Gang up on the most competitive in your group, or play to win
Checking out local events like open mic nights.

Q. What are the students' activities in Solent University?

Southampton is a vibrant city with a large student population. From shops and cafes to bars and restaurants, parks, sport and culture, there’s something for everyone!

Solent Students' Union is run by you! Yes, that's right, you have all the power when it comes to the Students' Union. You elect representatives who offer academic representation, campaign on your behalf, and represent your views to University management.

But the SU is more than just elections! You can join societies or even start a new one for yourself if you can't find what you're looking for. Societies include SONAR Radio, and award-winning student-run radio station, Sonar Film, a student-run cinema, Live Events Society, who support sound and lighting for all kinds of events, Sowlent, the food garden society, and academic societies linked to your course, like the make-up or engineering societies.
The SU provide the Safe Solent taxi scheme, while the library is open 24 hours, to make sure you can get home safely from late night study.The SU also runs an online and on campus shop where you can pick up all the essentials (and a few treats for yourself) before you arrive at Solent, throughout your Solent journey.

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