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Q. What is unique about the University?

Ans: The University is located in the city of Pittsburgh that is adjacent to Oakland. The University is also surrounded by various schools and Universities that gives the students the right atmosphere. The University also has many museums, gardens and three rivers nearby that make it a beautiful spot.

Q. What is the ranking of Pittsburgh University?

Ans: The QS World Ranking of the University is 163.

Q. What is Pittsburgh University famous for?

Ans: The Pittsburgh University is one of the oldest Universities of the county. The University still has its oldest buildings that have made the University won many prizes at the International level. The Medical Center of the University tops the chart in the healthcare sector of the country providing the best medical services. 

Q. Is Pittsburgh a large city?

Ans: Yes. It is indeed a bigger city and a metropolitan city in the Pennsylvania. 

Q. What's the weather around Pittsburgh University?

Ans: The weather in Pittsburgh is generally pleasant but winters are really cold with the temperatures dipping down to negatives. 

Q.Who are the top Alumni of Pittsburgh University?

Ans: To name a few:

  • Samuel J.R Macmillan: US Senator from Minnesota 1846
  • Paul Lauterbur : Nobel Prize in the year 2003 for Medicine
  • Vjosa Osmani: 5th President of Kosovo
  • John Irving: Famous Author
  • Roger kingdom: Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Vladmir Zworykin: Known to be “Father of  Television”
  • Michael Chabon: Pulitzer Prize Winner

Q. Is it difficult to get into Pittsburgh University?

Ans: The University is very selective about its candidates. One is expected to fulfill their required criteria and requirements of GPA, SAT, ACT Score.

Q. What are the nearest Airports to reach Pittsburgh?

Ans: There are five airports that are close to the University. They are as follows:

  • Pittsburgh Airport 
  • Laltrobe
  • Morgantown
  • Dubois
  • Akron

Q. How many Campuses does the University have?

Ans: There are four regional campuses of the University that are in Greensburg, Johnstown, Titusville, and Bradford.

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