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Studying outside your home country is one of the most significant decisions that you will take in your career. There are many steps involved in this decision to study abroad. Right from selecting the subject you want to study abroad to choosing the course and then going ahead with the admission process, it is a lot for students and their parents to take in. Education consultants in Dubai, UAE play a vital role to prepare a road map for study abroad.

The key to a smooth application process lies in how well researched and informed you are. This is where most students feel stuck or need assistance. In this age of information where every course detail and top colleges list is available at the tip of our fingers, it is easy to find information about courses and colleges. However, it gets confusing after a while.

There are so much and so varied opinions out there that it is possible to feel overwhelmed. In the course of research students also find it difficult to use all this information to their advantage suitably. Students have many questions that are unique and specific to their needs and preferences, and these questions are better addressed by an education consultant.

Here are the top reasons to choose an international education consultant in Dubai, UAE.

Comprehensive Career Counseling

Our expert education counsellors from UAE help students with shortlisting universities, preparing the application and the complete admission process. Education consultants not only help the students in need of immediate attention but also prospective students who have a year or two in their hands. study abroad consultants can guide these students to focus on certain extracurricular activities which can make their profile impressive to admission committees.

Admission and Application Guidance

A consultancy helps the students by guiding them about the options of universities in USA, UK, Canada & Europe which have the desired courses that the students need. Apart from this education consultants also assist students in finding out the fee structure or deciding on the suitable university within their budget and also help them find the right university that offers scholarships.

Access to Updated Information

Just the way students search for colleges and universities, Universities and colleges are also on a constant lookout for good students and a diversified student portfolio. When a University or a college focus on a particular country or region, they pick the best education consultancies in the area to inform prospective students about the courses and programs available in their university. Hence your education consultants most certainly have the latest information on subjects and universities that are in demand.

Compare and Evaluate Courses and Universities.

If you are confused about deciding between two similar courses or universities and do not know the nuances that can help you make up your mind regarding one or the other, you can rely on the Go To University abroad education consultants to find this out for you. We have advance and updated compare university tool to compare and evaluate university and colleges.

Since they interact with colleges daily, they know little details about the application process, deadlines, course details, SOPs, and scholarships which can be a tiresome and time taking for a student to find out on their own. These details can help you compare and evaluate the best suitable course or university for yourself.

Shortlist Universities and Programs

An education consultant will do most of the hard work and shortlist the best universities suitable for you. This includes deciding on the country where you want to study, the university and courses of your choice. The education counsellors also apply to the colleges on your behalf and help you sort out the documents.

Interview Preparation and SOP

A good education counsellor not only eases out the admission process but also help you prepare for the interview that some universities require as a part of admission. There are various other steps in the admission process that needs special attention to detail such as writing the statement of purpose. It is an essential part of the application, and it needs to be impeccable. The SOP tells a lot about the applicant, and it’s the very first document that the selectors read. The education counsellors will help you write this or guide you on how to write a good SOP that will impress the selectors.

Visa Guidance and Accommodation guidance 

Apart from all this the student counsellors also help students with Visa and Accommodation Guidance. Education counsellors are updated with the visa norms of different countries, and it comes in handy when students need such information once their application goes through and they need to start the visa process. Education counsellors also help students find the right accommodation which makes it easy on the students who visit the new country and sees it all sorted out before the start of the term.

Education consultants also assist students in finding out the fee structure or deciding on the suitable university within the budget and also helping them find the right university that offers scholarships.

Below is a list of our Study Abroad Education Consultants in Dubai, UAE

Varun Jain

Varun has been guiding students brainstorm and craft their roadmap to the top Universities and B-Schools for over a decade now. His 16 plus of experience includes consulting high school students to MBA aspirants, setting up test prep and college admissions consulting businesses, conceptualizing and organizing educational events and creative writing.

You can view Mr. Varun Jain Profile Here

Varun Iyer

As a study abroad educational consultant, Varun has been guiding students with a different academic background for various countries like Canada, UK, USA, New Zealand, Europe etc. He possesses more than 6 years of experience in study abroad and educational counseling for various programs such as Business, Engineering, Hospitality, Healthcare etc.

Prior to UAE he had worked for international educational consultancy in India and got students admitted to various Universities like Wilfrid Laurier University, NYIT, University of Rochester, Northeastern University, Thompsons University, Lincoln University and many more. He is a Bachelors degree holder along with Microsoft Certification (MCTS) and also completed ENZ (Education New Zealand) Training Certification. 

Click here to view Mr. Varun Iyer Profile

Here's how the GoToUniversity Admission Consultants can help you with a hassle-free admission process.

GoToUniversity is among top overseas education consultants in UAE for Colleges and Universities, with over 7 offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Free counselling by our committed and expert consultants

  • Our expert counsellors will help you choose suitable universities, programs and desired destination of your choice.
  • Comprehensive guidance on academic and entry requirements, cost, deadlines and documents needed to apply
  • Submitting an application on time and a quick and hassle-free admission process
  • Faster turnaround time to receive the offer letters
  • Finding out scholarship opportunities for students
  • Accommodation and visa guidance

Students Testimonals

Jabeena Sameer - Study in Australia

Go to University helps consistently and thoroughly throughout the application process including that of visa procedures. We applied for visa and got it in two days! I would recommend for all prospective students who need help with college applications to go via Go To University. My daughter's counselor was Divya Taneja. She is very helpful with the process and helps to get into the best.

Glen Hansel D'souza - Study in Canada

I found out about GoToUniversity online as I was looking for an educational consultant to help me with my applications for postgrad programs in Canada. I got in touch with Mr. Siddharth Shrivastav and was offered a free consultancy, I decided to take a package with them as the consultancy provided me with a lot of knowledge on the process of applying. Siddharth has been very helpful, not only in sorting out everything that was needed for the applications, filling out necessary forms, but also, he would proof read all the essays that were a part of the application and would constantly be available for meetings or on text/calls. It took a lot of stress away from me, knowing there was someone helping me every step of the way. He's also helped me sort through suitable programs and universities, ensuring that I would receive an offer letter. Once this happened, he also made certain I would receive all the help I needed in attaining my visa and study permit. GoToUniversity has been a great help from day one until now and the process of applications wouldn't have been as smooth and easygoing without them

About GoToUniveristy

GoToUniveristy is considered one of the best college & university admission consultants in Dubai and one of the most prestigious international education consultants in Dubai. It provides a platform that connects students with universities, empowering the students to make the right choice with minimum effort. Our education consultants are experts in helping students pick the right course and study abroad scholarships, apply to university through the correct application process and get admission.

If you are interested in finding out about top universities and study abroad scholarships or want to apply to the best and cheapest universities, schedule your free counselling session with our education consultants now.

Call +971 42428518 or email at [email protected]

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Hello, We are a Canadian Immigration company by the name of Labels Immigration Consultancy based in Mississauga, Canada and run by a team of two dynamic licensed Canadian Immigration Consultants. We are looking at catering to students' immigration needs and that is why wish to partner with you in a way that is beneficial to both of us. If you are interested in exploring this option, please do let us know and we will be happy to collaborate. Regards Zainab Suleman RCIC 7100085

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Hi,  My name is Farhod Lutfullaev and I am from Uzbekistan. I am currently working in Dubai, UAE. I am a Butler at Madinat Jumeirah Resort of the Jumeirah Group Company. My meals and accommodation are free of charge and my monthly salary after foods and accommodation is $700USD.  I would like to do my master's degree in Canada and I have a couple of questions about it. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from a university in Malaysia and the UK. I have been to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, UAE, Philippines and Kazakhstan.  I wanted to ask, how hard or easy do you think it will be for me to get a student visa for my master's in Canada? I want to do Master's in Business Management but I want to find a university that doesn't require a GMAT/GRE. How much does it cost? Looking forward to your reply,Farhod Lutfullaev.

I'm asking regarding the registration in medicine university English medium at any university in Netherland.

Thank you, Sara, for visiting GoToUniversity our consultant will contact you with all the required information

Please share details of your university consultancy services for my son who studies in Uptown School. Please feel free watsapp on 0559001006

Thank you Roshi for visiting GTU, our consultant will contact you soon to discuss.

I m seeking for a job for the post of career counselor I m having More than 5 years with same filed. I m at Dubai right now and I m Indian

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