Student Pre-Departure Guidance

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Student Pre-Departure Guidance

Confirming acknowledgment of an offer from the University of your Choice surely brings a lot of pleasure after all you have successfully overcome the laborious application process. There could be different sentiments of pleasure in taking the initial step towards your career and sadness for leaving everything behind.

Though a lot of effort has gone into equipping and submitting documents for the admit letter, unfortunately, you need to cross one more hurdle which is double-checking all the essential documents before you emigrate to the new country and ensuring stress-free travelling.

But don't worry! We have listed down all the necessary steps for you to follow and be travel-ready.

TO-DO List

  • Check for all the necessary information carefully printed on your acceptance letter. If you have created an account already on the university portal, then verify all the information here as well for orientation date, class start date, registering for the classes, and entering details on the portal as required.
  • Book your VISA dates as early as possible. There might be a long waitlist to get an appointment date and you would not want to be waiting.
  • Ensure passport validity. It should be valid for at least six months at the time of travel. If not then apply for a new one without wasting any time.
  • Once you know the date of flying check the portal and book a flight. Check multiple websites to get the best deal. Take somebody's help, if you are doing it for the first time.
  • Review all necessary documents you are carrying along with you and check twice or thrice to avoid situations like missing documents or carrying false documents.
  • Apart from the original documents, get photocopies of each one of them and carry them in digital form as well.
  • Health Insurance is mandatory while entering these countries, so ensure that you have the same. Buy it online, while paying tuition fees to the university.
  • Travel insurance, you will need travel insurance as well. Purchase it while flight booking or separately from the online websites.

So you are ready with all the mandatory documents, but have you researched the country? You might be up for a surprise at the airport or when you land in the country.

  • Country research - concerning accommodations, local cuisines, weather, local customs, and neighbourhood.
  • Make yourself aware of restricted items at the airport and upon entering the specific country

This way you will save yourself a lot of unnecessary distress and can rest assured of a pleasant journey.

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