University Seminars and Webinars

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University Seminars and Webinars

Webinars - This section covers the upcoming as well as already conducted webinars associated with higher education opportunities in various countries, specific institutions, trending disciplines, and much more. Students can join the live webinars as well and watch the recorded webinars to gain a tremendous amount of information about study abroad.

Our Popular FREE Information Sessions / Webinars

Your roadmap to top universities in the USA  

The session demonstrates a whole roadmap including the high school score requirements, university  selection, how to build a holistic profile, the process of writing an effective college essay, and much more.

We also talk about the SAT/ACT/AP and Test-Optional Colleges.

Higher Education in Canada the Land of Opportunities and Expats

This session introduces the admission process in Canadian colleges ranging from the University of Toronto and UBC to McGill and Waterloo, or all the top universities and colleges in Canada.

Here we discuss the programs, colleges, application process, admission requirements, post-study career, and immigration opportunities.

British Education and an Introduction to the UCAS

In this comprehensive session, we communicate the various courses students can take up in colleges across England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, and the process of admission through UCAS.

We also share tips on how to shortlist the colleges and how to write an effective personal statement.

The Netherlands and Ireland - A quality English Medium Education at a lower cost

In this very informative session, we propose some seldom known things about these two countries where most of the courses are taught in English.

We also talk about the application and visa process before we introduce all the respected colleges and the post-study work reliefs. From Agriculture to Vet Medicine, from Technology to Business, from Marine science to space science – the range of substitutes is virtually infinite.

Australia and New Zealand-A great combination of quality life and quality education

This webinar takes students to a whole new continent of opportunity – in terms of universities and courses.

From Agriculture to Veterinary Medicine, from Technology to Business, from Marine Science to Space science – you can have anything that you want. The session covers the universities, the admission process, and the visa process. 

Higher Education across the Emerging Middle East and the Far East

This is a unique session we have constructed for students who are keen to explore Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, UAE, or Qatar for their Higher Education.

Here we introduce the admission process to Universities like the NUS, NTU, CMU Qatar, and NYU Abu Dhabi.

Germany and the rest of Europe – Affordable yet High-Quality Education

Authentic information on the admission process in Germany and other countries across Northern, Eastern, and Central Europe are not readily available to most people outside Europe. We present this information in such a manner that students and parents can process the information easily. We provide them with a comprehensive roadmap to higher education in these countries and introduce the visa application process. Do you know what’s at stake here? Many of these countries offer free education even to expats and international students!

Medicine in the UK - My path to the best medical education after high school

Securing admission to any of the GMC-approved medical colleges in the UK involves tough competition. You must not make a single error that may lessen your competitive position. That’s why this session lays out a great roadmap: this information can help you outcompete everyone else on your way to your dream medical college. From the comparative standing of different medical schools to your UCAT/ BMAT requirements, we make you aware of everything that matters. 

Medicine Outside the UK - Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Cyprus, Caribbean, Malaysia, etc

This session offers comprehensive information to the students who strive to become doctors but cannot get into a college in the UK due to extreme competition for every seat therein & the comparatively higher expense of medical studies.

Naturally, here we talk about the colleges that offer affordable yet well-recognized degrees and high-quality education. We detail the courses available, the cost of the course, the cost of living for a student at the university, and the application process.

The High School Curriculums (I/GCSE, A-Levels, MYP, IB, American Curriculum)

It can be hard to assume which one is the best corridor for you. In this session, our expert team shares detailed information on these curriculums and points out the differences among them. Such information helps students and parents make their choices. 

Strategies to score higher in the standardized tests (SAT, ACT, UCAT, BMAT,GMAT,GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE)

This session is all about how to get the score that gets you into your dream colleges. In this session, we offer the signature strategies developed by our widely skilled teachers.

How to write an effective college essay that would describe you the best -

Don’t try to write what is not solely yours to say, and there is nothing unimportant as long as it is peculiar to you as an individual. Writing a college essay is all about sharing what is meaningful to you, who you are as a person, what factors have contributed to your development as a person, and why you feel the need to share this with the admissions committee. We will take you through this daunting process, brainstorm strategies, and make it fun. 

Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)

A crucial component of UK Medical College Admission

This session has been very prominent amongst students so far possibly because it shows what is expected from them during the actual medical college MMI, and how you can prepare yourself relatively well for some surprising scenarios/questions. We share sample questions from real MMI sessions from the last year and mock MMI to help students understand the thing. 

Personal Statement

How to impress the (ADCOM) in 4000 characters containing SPACES

Influencing the admissions committee (ADCOM) in just 4000 characters can be a daunting task. Our experts take you through the process of composing an effective personal statement.  

Money Matters! How much do I need for my higher education? 

This session is for the students as much as it is for their parents. Here we compare the cost to study in different parts of the world. This can also be conducted only for the parents if the students are in primary or secondary schools and not likely to comprehend financial matters. Parents get enough time to arrange their finances for the higher education of their children if they attend a seminar like this when the children are sufficiently young.

The Pathway and Foundation Programs Route

If I am not able to get into a college immediately after I finish school, what should I do? In this session, we make students and parents familiar with the high-quality foundation and pathway programs that make it easier for the students to get into top colleges around the world. 

Customized Master Sessions

You choose a topic or combine multiple topics and we deliver it for you. We listen to you - the students, teachers, parents, and the school management - and plan a master session based on your information needs. Be it an elementary session for the standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, or UCAT, the taster sessions for IB/A Level subjects, or a session about a country, we do it all. We will use customized elements to exactly meet the conditions.

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