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Murdoch University in Dubai was established in 2007 and is located in the heart of the Dubai International Academic City. It's a branch campus of Murdoch University, one of Australia’s leading emerging universities located in Perth, Western Australia.

The university comprises of 3 schools: Murdoch School of Business; School of Media Communication & Culture and School of Information Technology. At the undergraduate level, Murdoch offers courses in Business (finance, management, and marketing), Information Technology (computer science and business information systems) and Media and Communications (journalism, public relations, and screen production). At the postgraduate level, it offers Master of Business Administration and Master of Education. Students not qualifying for direct entry and seeking an alternative pathway into university can consider completing its associated foundation program. This caters to the needs of high school, international and mature students wishing to gain entry into a university degree.

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This course provides the education profession and the community with leaders capable of addressing critical issues in educational practice, policy and research. It is designed for teachers, educational administrators and professionals who seek to extend and deepen their expertise. It is also applicable to professionals carrying out educational duties in related fields who seek professional development and renewal.

Transcripts, Resume, Personal statement, International referees report,


31st Dec


Finance is all about managing money, whether you are advising a large corporation or someone s personal finances. During your Finance studies, you will learn about many issues relevant to the corporate financial manager. These include areas like capital investment decisions, cost of capital, sources of funds, dividend policy, working capital management, efficient capital markets, portfolio management, the use of options, futures, forward exchange contracts and other derivative financial instruments. You will also receive an introduction to international finance.

Undergraduate application form, transcripts and qualifications

Financial Analyst, Financial Manager, Credit Manager, Trust Officer, Management Accountant, Internal Auditor, Forensic Accountant

31st Dec


Management refers to the process of employing resources to achieve customer needs, that is administering activities and actions that meet particular goals. Traditionally, the study of management was concerned with the four functions of planning, organising, directing and controlling. Although these functions are vital for the well-being of organisations, contemporary workplaces are highly dynamic and they bring a new set of challenges to management.

Undergraduate application form, transcripts and qualifications

Convention Services Manger, Office Administrative Support Supervisors and Managers / Administrative Service Managers, Public Relations Manager, Sales Manager, General and Operations Manager

31st Dec


Marketing is obviously an essential role in all public and commercial organisations. Organisations manage their marketing activities to create customer satisfaction by building value relationships. Marketing Management identifies customer needs and wants, determines which target markets the organisation can best serve, and develops and manages the appropriate products, services and strategies to satisfy that market.

Undergraduate application form, transcripts and qualifications

Convention Services Manager, Hotel Sales / Marketing Director / Hotel Public Relations Director, Public Relations Specialist, Public Relations Manager, Media Planner,

31st Dec


The field of Journalism offers a wide range of career options. In the world of print you might decide to work as a Journalist, Columnist, Writer, or Editor. You might pursue a career in television either behind the scenes or on camera. Government Departments and private corporations employ Media Liaison Officers to assist them with their public relations. During your degree you may discover a secret talent for Communication & Media Studies announcing or program production or you might find your niche as a copy writer for an advertising company.

Undergraduate application form, transcripts and qualifications

Journalist / Columnist / Writer / Editor, Communication & Media Studies Reporter, Media Liaison Officer

31st Dec

a) Application form

b) AED 250 application fee

c) Completed qualifications and the transcripts

d) IELTS/TOEFL scores if applicant’s native language is not English

Requirements vary for each program. Please visit program page for specific requirements.


Undergraduate: AED 86100

Cost of Living

The annual cost of living at the University is AED 35,000 approx.


Yes, the university provides housing facilities.

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