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Green River College

Green River College, located in Auburn, Washington, is a public college. It has a student body of about 10,000 students. Despite the fact that it started granting Bachelor's degrees in 2014, it predominantly awards Associate degrees.

Green River College History

Green River College established as an adult evening education program inside the Auburn School District in 1945. In 1963, the school was granted community college status, and technical and professional programs began in September 1964. The school was originally located near the Auburn Boeing facility, but it was moved to its current location on Lea Hill the next year. Green River Community College became Green River College in 2014, and the school began offering the Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree.

Green River College Programs, Courses and Schools

Green River College offers certificate, associate and applied baccalaureate degree programs, as well as academic transfer classes to a four-year college or university; over 40 professional and technical programs; and Adult Basic Education and English for Speakers of Other Languages seminars. Aviation Technology is one of the college's signature programs, where students are prepared for a variety of careers such as Air Traffic Controller and Professional Pilot. Green River's new state-of-the-art air traffic control lab and flight simulator are used to educate students. Business, engineering, and information technology are among the most popular transfer programs. Other degrees in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences are available at Green River College.

Green River College Achievements/USP

The Aspen Institute College Excellence Program has recognized Green River College one of the top 150 community institutions in the country. GRC is a Top finalist for the $1 million Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence, which will be awarded in 2023. The Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence is the nation's defining honor of excellent achievement and performance.

Green River College Notable Alumni

  • Tony Barron, a retired Major League Baseball player
  • Jessica Bateman is a member of the Washington State legislature.
  • Mark Emmert- President of the National Collegiate Athletic Association
  • Tony Tost, poet, critic, and screenwriter 
  • David Riske, MLB player 
  • Doug Sisk, MLB player 

Green River College infrastructure & services

 Green River College Campuses

The Green River College main campus is located on Lea Hill in Auburn, Washington, with satellite campuses in downtown Auburn, Enumclaw, and Kent, in Washington.

Green River College Libraries

Holman Library is the main campus library of Green River College. Hayes Holman, the "father" of Green River College and former Superintendent of the Auburn School District, is honored by the Holman Library. Green River moved to its current location in 1965, the same year the Library opened. The library then relocated to its current location, the Holman Library Building, in January 1997. For all of Green River, Holman Library provides an inclusive learning environment with open access to information, research support, and a study place. Approximately 59,000 items are maintained at the Library. Access books, movies, CDs, and more in the library catalogue. Over 35,000 electronic books are available at Holman Library (eBooks).

Green River College Housing services

 Green River College has a campus corner apartment that provides on-campus housing services (CCA). CCA's apartment rooms are comfortable and modern, and are located directly across the street from the campus. Students will have the option of living in townhouse or flat-style apartment units with up to four other students.

Green River College Medical services

Green River College's medical centre and medical facilities provide medical services. Health insurance is mandatory for international students. They can purchase it for $345 per quarter from the Green College River.

Green River College Students clubs

   At Green River College, Students clubs and organizations play a vital role in student life. There is a student’s club for everyone, whether you want to meet new people, share a common interest, plan campus events, or volunteer. Being a part of a Green River student group is a wonderful opportunity to really get active in the Gator community and build a bond with fellow students, staff, and instructors. Each year, more than 30 clubs and organizations focus on a wide range of themes and interests, such as academics, multicultural challenges, and social possibilities.

The following is the name of a Green River College student club-

  • Coding Club
  • Burmese Students Club
  • Dance Club
  • Engineering Club
  • European Club
  • Forestry Club
  • Green River Rotaract Club
  • K Club
  • Math Club
  • Multi Chess World Club

    Green River College location

        12401 SE 320th St,

         Auburn, WA 98092,

         United States

Green River College different campuses locations

 Green River College's main campus is located in Auburn, Washington, in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, about 45 minutes south of Seattle, Washington. The city of Auburn has a population of 77,000 people. Auburn is home to a huge retail mall, multiple movie theatres, a performance center, gardens, and athletic facilities. Aside from the main campus Green River College has two satellite campuses, one in Enumclaw and the other in Kent, Washington.

  • Green River College top landmarks nearby, top companies, airports nearby

Green River College's nearest airport is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, which is about 25 minutes away. 

The following are some nearby destinations from Green River College:

  • 2 Vancouver, Canada is about a two n half-hour drive away.
  • Beaches on the Pacific Ocean are only 2 hours away.
  • Los Angeles is 2 hours away (by plane)
  • San Francisco is one hour away (by plane)

Green River College International student’s info

       Green River College courses offered

  • Accounting
  • Administration Assistant
  • Art
  • Atmospheric Technology
  • Aviation Technology
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Business Application Specialist
  • Court Reporting and Captioning
  • Cybersecurity and Networking
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Earth Science
  • Engineering
  • Forensic Technology
  • Forest Resource Management
  • Information Technology
  • Legal Administrative Assistant
  • Maintenance Mechatronics
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Resources
  • Phlebotomy
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Physics
  • Software Development   

Green River College student support

Green River College's student support services assist students in dealing with academic, non-academic, traumatic experiences, economic concerns, and crisis circumstances.

For more information students can visit here-

Green River College visas & immigration support

 All overseas students and exchange guests need have a valid F or J class visa when entering the United States and arriving at Green River College.  The US government has modified some of its criteria for students who need to apply for a visa and for universities that sponsor student visas, such as Green River College, in response to the Covid-19 incident. The Green River College's students support & services for International students provide all necessary support regarding visa & immigration.

Green River College international student contact


 Phone: 253-288-3300

 Fax: 253-333-4940

 Email: [email protected]

 Zoom: Virtual Lobby

Green River College Student life

Green River College student society

Green River College has a number of student societies. These students’ societies are usually based on culture, academia, or athletics. It motivates them to be a helpful member of the community.

Green River College sports and fitness

    The Recreation and Athletics Center (RAC) aims to provide Green River College students with safe and healthy ways to exercise and participate in sports. Lifting weights in the weight room, using cardio machines at the Exercise Center, or enrolling in a group fitness class are all options. RAC also has a full open gym schedule as well as Intramural Sports leagues and tournaments where you can play basketball, soccer, badminton, table tennis, or volleyball with your fellow Gators.

Green River College Health & Wellbeing

Green River College places a strong value on the health and well-being of its students.

Counselors at Green River College's Wellness and counseling Center are available to help students describe problems, explore feelings, and discuss problem-solving techniques. The centre also offers individual mindfulness sessions, Problem Management Plus sessions, Ear Acupressure Kits, and a range of support groups. COVID-19 progress is being evaluated by Student Health Services, and recommendations are being adjusted as appropriate.

Green River College Residential Life

 Residential life at Green River College offers students a convenient on-campus location, comfortable, high-quality facilities, an outstanding study environment, and the opportunity to get engaged and make friends in a friendly student community of 340 American and foreign students. Included are all utilities.

Rooms, those are computer-networked

Parking nearby

On-site laundry facilities are available.

Entrance to the complex, suite, and bedroom are all keyed.

On-campus recreational amenities are available.

Social gatherings that are planned

Public Transportation in King County

Green River College food & drink

Green River College offers a range of dining options for students, staff, and visitors on campus.

The following are the names of some of Green River College's food & drinks options:

  • The Gator Grille
  • Gator Grind Espresso Stand
  • Get Wired Espresso Stand

For more information you can call here- 253-288-3366

      Off Campus options-

  • Bogey’s Public House
  • Tacos Jalisco
  • Pho U Plus Burger
  • Ringo Wok Teriyaki
  • Fry Chicken Chinese Cuisine
  • OO Pizza
  • Trotter’s Restaurant

Green River College short term getaways

  • Soos Creek Botanical Garden Heritage center
  • Pacific Bonsai Museum
  • White River Valley Museum
  • Veterans Memorial Park
  • Les Gove Park
  • Kent Historical Museum
  • Wild Waves Theme and Water
  • Clark Lake Park
  • Auburn Environmental park
  • Porter Levee natural Area
  • Lake Meridian Park
  • Indian Tom Park
  • Fenster Nature Park
  • Isaac Evans park

Green River College Part time jobs

There are multiple work options for the students while studying in Green River College. Having a part-time job while in college is an important aspect of students' academic achievement. Green River College offers a variety of part-time job options, ranging from institutional to federal and state-funded positions.

Green River College Student Safety

The Green River Campus Safety Department is dedicated to a holistic approach to creating a secure and welcoming community where students, professors, staff, and visitors can feel safe and welcome. Green River is a participant in the FEMA Campus Resiliency Program and the Homeland Security Campus Resiliency Program. Resilient communities, both on and off campus, are defined as communities that retain services and livelihoods before, during, and after a disaster or disturbance.

Crime Around the area

In Auburn, the chances of becoming a victim of violent or property crime are 1 in 51. According to FBI crime statistics, Auburn is not one of the safest cities in the United States. In comparison to the rest of Alabama, Auburn has a higher crime rate than 56 percent of the state's cities and towns of all sizes.

Green River College Famous courses

  • Biology
  • Business
  • Business Application Specialist
  • Court Reporting and Captioning
  • Cybersecurity and Networking
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Earth Science
  • Engineering
  • Forensic Technology
  • Forest Resource Management
  • Information Technology

Green River College Campus recruitment


GatorJobs is a listing of all student job openings. Many employment openings in the local community are also listed on the site. You'll need to run an advanced job search and filter by On-Campus Position if you only want to see Green River College student positions. The College posts student positions on Gatorjobs, an online job search engine. At Green River, there are a variety of application categories and opportunities for student work. The STUDENT GUIDE contains vital information that will assist you in deciding whether or not student work is right for you. Important information on Applicant Types, the Job Search Process, and Student Employment Program Guidelines can be found in the STUDENT GUIDE.

Famous companies who recruit directly from Green River College Campus

  • Microsoft
  • MultiCare
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Windermere Real Estate
  • City of Seattle

Median Earnings 5 Years After Graduation      70000

Median Earnings 2 Years After Graduation      45000

Employed 2 Years After Graduation          80%

Employed 6 months After Graduation               70%

Green River College Brochures & applications

Anyone who possesses a high school diploma, GED®, or is at least 18 years old can apply for admission to the college. Green River embraces people from various walks of life, backgrounds, and educational backgrounds.

For more information you can visit here-

Green River College Brochures & applications

Green River College Application Requirements


  • Application form(online)
  • Application fee $50
  • Financial/bank statement in English indicating a minimum of $21,000 USD for one year of study
  • The Bank/Financial Statement
  • Transcripts
  • Essay/Writing sample
  • School profile
  • Test Score
  • Activities List
  • If you want you can apply for waiver form for fee.
  • Recommendations letter
  • English Proficiency test score
  • Financial statement
  • Passport copy
  • TOFEL/IELTS score
  • Medical Release Form

For more information you can visit here-

Green River College Application Requirements


  • Select you Program
  • Apply For General Application
  • Fee $50.
  • Portfolio
  • All of the required documents are the same as those for undergraduate students.

For more information you can visit here-

Green River College Application Requirements

Green River College Programs

Tuition Fees
Standard Test

Green River College Application Requirements


IELTS score requirements

A strong proficiency in the English language is essential for admission into universities in United States of America. To be able to get a successful admission in Green River College in United States of America students need to complete IELTS with a minimum score of 5.5.

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Green River College Cost of studies


$11,000 (9 months) or $3,450 (1 quarter / 3 months)

Green River College Deadlines

Fall- 15 August, Winter-15 November, Spring-15 February, Summer- 15 May

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