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University History

The University of Georgia is a Public Institution that has been given the status of “land-grant” and “sea-grant” university. It was founded in the year 1785 and is known to be one of the oldest institutions of the United States. The University has its main campus in the city of Athens, Georgia. The University also has two other campuses one in Tifton the other in Griffin. 

Colleges, Schools and Programs

  • College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Environment and Design
  • College of Family and Consumer Sciences
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Public Health
  • College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Franklin college of Arts and Sciences
  • Grady college of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Mary Frances Early College of Education
  • Morehead Honors College
  • Odum School of Ecology
  • School of Law
  • School of Public and International Affairs
  • Graduate School
  • School of Social Work
  • Terry college of Business
  • Warnell school of Forestry and Natural Resources

The University of Georgia is very well known for its excellence in research. It is being given the status of “R1: Doctoral Universities”. They have doctoral programs in various streams such as arts, science, engineering, law and medicine. 

Besides these, the University also offers Certificate courses, online courses, dual bachelor/masters courses, and interdisciplinary courses. 

To know about the various master's degree courses click on the link: 


To know about the doctoral degrees click on the link:


To know about interdisciplinary courses:


To know about the Education specialist courses:


To know about the Certificate courses:


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University Achievements

The University of Georgia is one of the oldest universities and has always been ranked as one of the best public universities in the United States. The University has been given the status of “R1: Doctoral Universities” for conducting a “high level of research activity.” The admissions of the University of Georgia have been placed as in the “highly selective category” by the ACT Assessment Student Report.  


In 2021, the University’s undergraduate program was ranked 47th out of 389 National Universities according to a report by the U.S News and World Report.  According to the same, the University of Georgia School of Public and International Affairs has been ranked 4th in the nation. The university also has its name listed as “Public Ivy” in Greene’s Guide. According to the, U.S. News and Report some of the other rankings of the University are as follows:

  • Ranked 22 in best colleges for veterans
  • Ranked 118 in best value school
  • Ranked 57 as most innovative school
  • Ranked 16 as top public schools

University Notable Alumni

Some of the notable alumni of the University of Georgia include:

  • Sally Yates: United States Attorney General
  • Ertharin Cousin: Named in TIME's most 100 influential people in the world
  • Terrell Davis: Pro footballer Hall of Famer
  • Natasha Tretheway: Pulitzer prize winner
  • Alfred Blalock: Award-winning Chief of Surgery Professor
  • Cornelia Bargmann: Award-winning Neuro-biologist

University Infrastructure and Services


The main campus of the University is supposed to have around 400 buildings. It has old buildings and the campus is surrounded by luscious green. The main campus of the university is divided into five different campuses the North, South, Central, East, and West. 

North Campus

The North campus of the university has some of the famous streets of the university like Baldwin Street, and Lumpkin Street.  Along with that, it has got some of the important buildings of the campus like the Franklin College of arts and sciences, the main library of the campus is also located in the north which is the Illah Dunlap little memorial library.

South Campus

This campus is the largest among the five other campuses of the university. The oldest building on the campus is the “Lumpkin House” also called the “Rock House”. It has got a college of engineering building, science centers, the Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Hotel, and many other buildings.

Central Campus

This campus has got some of academic buildings, and residence halls, and is known for its Sanford Stadium. 

West Campus

This campus comprises mainly the various residential halls of the campus.  The Terry College of Business is also located in the same campus.

East Campus

The east campus is surrounded by various art centers like the Georgia Museum of arts. The campus is home to many artists that give them space to thrive. 


The university has various libraries in campus. They are as follows

  • Illah little memorial library
  • McBay science library
  • Miller learning center
  • Special collection library
  • Carnegie Library
  • Map and government information library
  • Curriculum and materials library
  • Art Library at Lamar Dodd
  • Music Library
  • Owens Library
  • Tifton campus library
  • Griffin campus library

As there are various libraries of the university, they are specific regarding their materials. Like the main library of the university has materials related to humanities, social sciences, and arts. The other arts and music libraries are having materials specific to their particular field. 

Housing services

There are various housing services in the campus of the university. These are divided into many different communities: Brumby, Russell, Creswell, Hill, Myers, Reed, and the East campus village. The university's in-house housing services offer space to around 8500+ students. These facilities also help to build interpersonal skills of the students, develop community feeling, and the curriculum work towards building social awareness and well-being of its students. The various housing services are as follows:

  • Black Diallo Miller Hall
  • Boggs hall
  • Brandon Oaks
  • Brown hall
  • Brumby hall
  • Building 156
  • Busbee hall
  • Church hall
  • Creswell hall
  • Hill hall
  • Lipscomb hall
  • Mary Lyndon hall
  • Mc Gowan road
  • Mcwhorter hall
  • Mell hall
  • Morris hall
  • Myers hall
  • Oglethorpe hall
  • Payne hall
  • Reed hall
  • Rogers road
  • Rooker hall
  • Russell hall
  • Rutherford hall
  • Soule hall 
  • University Village
  • University village east
  • Vandiver hall

To know more the housing services about the various services provided click on the link:explore-options

The approx value of the housing services comes around $3000 to $4000. To know about the current various rates of housing services, click on the link:

There are also off-campus housing facilities. Here is a guide to the same: Off-Campus-Living-Guide

 Medical Services

The University of Georgia has its own medical centers that provide various medical services to its students, faculties, and even to the general public. It also provides services on counseling and the well-being of the students. The university is fully equipped with all the medical services. Every student of the university is assigned a primary care provider home red, blue, green and gold. There are also various well-being programs run by the medical center. There are also student health insurance facilities. To know more about it, click on the link: info/financial

Nearest airport

The closest airport to the University of Georgia is Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. The other nearby airports are:

  • Greenville
  • Asheville

University of Georgia location and landmark

The university is situated in the city of Athens, Georgia. The city of Athens is one of the best places to live in the U.S. The city is surrounded by various art galleries, museums, dining options, beautiful gardens, and various recreational options. 

Top landmarks

  • The classic center
  • The Georgia Theatre
  • Downtown Athens
  • Botanical gardens
  • Georgia museum of art
  • Seney Stovall Chapel

International student support

The university has a separate department for international students that is, the department of International student life that take care of the various requirements of the students. The department hosts various cultural events and programs to showcase the diverse culture. The language lab of the department provides various language programs that help the students to practice their language skills and also communicate and build a community with other students. 

To know about the various undergraduate and postgraduate programs for International students, click on the link: prospective-students

The university also provides various financial aids. To know in detail about the various financial aids, click on the link to the pdf: Financial-Aid

Here is a list of services for International students along with its pdf link.

Visa and immigration support

The process for the sanction of a Visa is different for various courses. One can be a full-time scholar, visiting scholar or just an undergrad student. After the admission process, the students will receive mail regarding the immigration services with a detailed document on how to request an I-20 or DS-2019 for the F-1 or J-1 visa. 

Here is the pdf link to the pre-arrival information that is important for international students: Student_Prearrival_Information.pdf

There are only a few visas that are specifically intended for non-U.S. citizens to come to the U.S. to study. These visas can be issued for study at the University of Georgia.

  • F-1 - for full-time, degree-seeking students
  • F-2 - for part-time, degree or non-degree dependents of F-1 students
  • J-1 - for a full-time degree or non-degree students

These student visas are managed by the U.S. government through an online database called the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System – SEVIS. UGA helps international students by keeping the SEVIS record accurate and updated with regard to personal information and academic information.

An international student can also hold a different visa status, such as an H-4, A-1, J-2, F-2, etc. These individuals are still considered "international students" at UGA and must check in with our office upon arrival.

Students should carry all required immigration documents in their carry-on luggage. At arrival in the United States, students will be inspected by an immigration officer for admission into the U.S. Students have to present to the U.S. immigration officer the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • I-20 or DS-2019
  • Financial information, if requested

The passport will be stamped by the officer with the entry date and the visa status used to enter the U.S.

After entering the U.S., students should complete the online check-in process for SEVIS registration. Immigration Services will send this information by email to each incoming student. All immigration documents should be kept in a safe place. Students admitted to the U.S. should only attend the institution whose immigration documents were used to enter the U.S.

For any further information related to visas and immigration one can contact the following:

Email:  [email protected]
Phone: (706) 542-2900

Student life

There are various events and festivals going around the campus every year that keeps the students busy and even entertained. There are various clubs and societies that students can be part of according to their interests. The university also offers various study-abroad programs that allow students to explore avenues. The University has also been honored by the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll by the Corporation of National and Community service. 

The University maintains one of the Greeks' oldest systems where there are secret societies. There are different fraternities and sororities addressing other interests. 

There is also a military program that is called the Reserve Officers Training Program. The Reserve Officer Training Corps offers training in the military sciences to students who desire to perform military service after they graduate. 

There is also the Student Government Organization that appoints its President and looks after the various issues and concerns relation to the students and the university. 


The university has its own daily newspaper known as “Red and Black”. The university has also got its very own radio station named as WUGA-FM that is run by the students. There are different magazines of the university that are completely managed by the students. Law students have their own journals. “Pandora” is the yearbook of the university. 


University has seven top ten rankings in the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) Directors' Cup, a numerical ranking based on the success of universities in all. The university has won national championships in football, women's gymnastics, women's equestrian , baseball, tennis (men's and women's), golf (men's and women's), indoor and outdoor track & field, and women's swimming and diving. 

Job opportunities

The university has its own job portal that gives information on various part-time and full-time jobs opportunities for the students. The university also offers on-campus job opportunities for its students.  To explore the various avenues: 

Scholarships for International Students

Most academic (merit-based) scholarships for first-year students are awarded during the Admissions process. This process is usually finalized by early April for all admitted first-year students. International and F-1 visa applicants can qualify for many of these merit-based scholarships.

All scholarships awarded by the Undergraduate Admissions office are renewable for eight semesters of full-time enrollment, or the completion of a Bachelor’s degree. To renew the scholarship each year, students must maintain specific academic requirements which are detailed in the award letter. The various scholarships are as follows:


For more information on the scholarships, click here: afford/scholarships 

Admission process

How to apply?

To apply for undergrad courses one has to keep in mind the following:

“Demonstrated academic achievement” is the primary factor in first-year admission decisions at the University of Georgia. The academic review of first-year applications centers on several criteria: the student’s grade point average (GPA) in core academic courses, the rigor of a student’s course selection, and his or her best combination of scores on the SAT or ACT.

Additionally, all applications are reviewed for conduct issues; recommendations; satisfactory completion of all courses and completion of the required College Preparatory courses. All first-year candidates who are offered admission for the Summer or Fall semester must submit a non-refundable commitment deposit no later than May 1 to secure a seat in the first-year class. 

  • Required documents:

– UGA Application, MyCoalition Application or Common App
– Application Fee or Fee Waiver
– Transcript from your graduating high school
– SAT/ACT scores
– Secondary School Report/Counselor Recommendation
– Teacher/Other Letter of Recommendation (optional)

One can check the following link for the application form and to know about the process of various other programs: admissions.apply

University of Georgia Programs

Tuition Fees
Standard Test

University of Georgia Application Requirements

Acceptance Rate

IELTS score requirements

A strong proficiency in the English language is essential for admission into top universities in United States of America. To be able to get a successful admission in University of Georgia in United States of America students need to complete IELTS with a minimum score of 7.

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University of Georgia Cost of studies



In-state: $97,90

Out-of-state: $28,830




Fees may vary for each program. Please visit program page for specific fees.

University of Georgia Deadlines

Undergraduate: January 1


Domestic Applicants: Fall: July 1, Spring: November 15, Summer: May 1

International Applicants: Fall: April 15, Spring: October 15, Summer: February 15

Deadlines may vary for each program. Please visit program page for specific deadlines.

University of Georgia Rankings


US News
601 -650
201 -300
351 -400
Times Higher Education
GTU Rank


United States of America
US News
67 -94
Times Higher Education
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