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GH Asachi Technical University History

GH Asachi Technical University was established in the year 1910. It is a public university which is situated in Iasi in Romania. It was started as School of Industrial Electricity but changed from it to Institute of Electrical Engineering to Polytechnic Institute of Iasi to Gheorghe Asachi Polytechnic School to Gheorghe Asachi Polytechnic Institute to its current name.

GH Asachi Technical University Programs, Courses and Schools

GH Asachi Technical University is organised into 11 academic faculties and three departments. It offers bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programs in different areas of study. Students can also opt for research and study abroad programs. Licence exams are organised helping students to assess their knowledge.

Majority of the faculties hold experience and expertise in their field of study. Student to faculty ratio is low. Students are provided with field experience and are known for its education in the field of engineering.

 GH Asachi Technical University Campuses

GH Asachi Technical University has an urban infrastructure with the university police security. Facilities provided to the students are dining, dispensary, transportation, counselling centre, sports facility, fitness centre, cultural centre, recreational area, innovation labs and healthcare centre. Student organisations and clubs are available for the students. University media has TV channel and publications.

Voted as the world’s most beautiful library, university’s library is home to the huge collection of books, journals, articles, documents and magazines. Databases, lecture halls, tutorials, computer systems and study rooms are accessible.

GH Asachi Technical University Achievements and USP

GH Asachi Technical University is among the elitist universities of the world. Its library has been voted as the most beautiful library in the world. It is ranked among the top 1200 universities of the world in academics. It is the top technical university of Romania. It comes under the top 1300 universities of the world in number of publications. Its research facility is internationally acclaimed.

Scholarships, financial aids and loans are offered to the students assisting them to pursue their education. Students can apply for these on meeting the criteria.

GH Asachi Technical University Notable Alumni

Nicolae Hurduc (Chemist), Valentin Popa (Engineer), Carmen Avram (Politician), Maria Grapini (Politician), Dan Nica (Politician), Miltos Kyrkos (Politician), Magda Popeanu (Politician).

GH Asachi Technical University Application Requirements


GH Asachi Technical University Cost of studies


Undergraduate: RON 3,240

Fees may vary for each program. Please visit program page for specific fees.

GH Asachi Technical University Deadlines

Bachelors: July Session- June 30, September Session- 31 July.

Masters: July Session- June 30, September Session- 31 July.


Deadlines may vary for each program. Please visit program page for specific deadlines.

GH Asachi Technical University Rankings


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1201 -1400
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