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Iran University of Science and Technology


870th US-News World Ranking

Iran University of Science and Technology History

Iran University of Science and Technology was established in 1929. The aim was to train engineers for research and development. Originally it was called the Governmental Technical Institute. However with the advancement of sciences and its faculty; the University gained its present title.

Iran University of Science and Technology Programs, Courses, and Schools

The University comprises of 15 faculties offering a range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. The University is considered unique with the courses that it offers. It is known to be the only University that offers programs in fields of railway engineering, progress engineering, and automotive engineering.

Iran University of Science and Technology Campuses

The University presently has 3 campuses and 2 others are in progress to be developed. The main campus is located in the Northeast of Tehran. The rest are located in cities of Arak, Behshahr, Damavand, and Noor. Apart from the administrative and faculty buildings or research centers; the University campus features a broad range of facilities such as a library, indoor and outdoor sports fields, residential halls and a mosque.

Iran University of Science and Technology Achievements and USP

The University proudly announces it is highest in the ranking in the field of science production. The University has successfully launched a Navid Satellite and has been able to derive varied research topics through satellite imagery. The University successfully designed an electronic device that helps with the movement for the people with a spinal cord injury.

Iran University of Science and Technology Notable Alumni

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (sixth President of Iran, last Tehran Mayor), Alireza Nasiri (founder of online degree programs in University of Tehran and father of commercial forestation in Iran), Tahmineh Milani (Iranian film director)

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