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National Taipei University History                                      

National Taipei University or NTPU is a Taiwanese university located in Sanxia District, New Taipei. The university was established in 1949 as National Chung Hsing University and has ever since grown to enroll over 11000 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

National Taipei University Programs, Courses, and Schools

National Taipei University offers a range of programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Some of the subjects include Law, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Recreational Sport Management, Statistics, International Business, Accountancy, and Non-profit Management.

National Taipei University also offers programs in Public Policy, Social Work, Sociology, Urban Planning, Criminology, History, Folk Arts, Election Studies, Land Management, Public Finance, Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Built Environment.

National Taipei University Campuses

National Taipei University has two campuses in Sanxia District, New Taipei which is sprad over 0.59 kilometer square area and one smaller campus in Taipei city. The Sanxia campus serves as the primary campus where most of the faculties and administrative offices are located in addition to a number of student friendly services.

National Taipei University offers facilities such as libraries, shops, cafes, and student center in addition to a number of restaurants such as McDonalds in the vicinity. The university campus also offers excellent connectivity to the rest of the city via efficient public transportation system.

National Taipei University Achievements

National Taipei University is ranked amongst top 290 universities in Asia by QS Top Universities in the Asian University Rankings and amongst top 500 universities in the world for Economics and Econometrics in QS Subject Rankings.

National Taipei University is also ranked amongst top 250 universities in the world in the Young University rankings by Times Higher Education. It also features amongst top 350 universities in Asia in the Times Rankings.

National Taipei University USP

National Taipei University has an average acceptance rate and boasts of a low student to faculty ratio of 16:1. The university also offers a range of study abroad programs which enables the students to gain valuable international exposure.

National Taipei University also offers a number of scholarships to students. These scholarships aim at assisting students with various costs such as tuition fee and living. The university also has a number of research centers which attract leading researchers each year.

National Taipei University Notable Alumni

Chiang Pin-kung (Politician), Wong Chin-chu (Taiwanese educator), Janine Chang (Taiwanese actress), and Amber Kuo (Taiwanese singer).


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