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Technical University of Kosice History

Technical University of Kosice is one of the esteemed public university located in Kosice, Slovakia. The University was established in the year 1952. The university was initially started by the Czechoslovakian Government for imparting higher education in mining, metallurgy and technology. The University is also known by the name of TUKE. Presently the University is considered to be the second largest University in the country.

Technical University of Kosice Programs, Courses and Schools

Technical University of Kosice comprises of nine faculties and many schools and colleges. The University offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees in the disciplines of Economics, Management, Aeronautics, Mining, Metallurgy, Economics, Marketing, Product Design, Literature Biology, Psychology, Mechanical engineering, Physics, Accounting, Law Computer Science, Education, Humanities and many more. The University has a European Union Association affiliation. It also owes several clubs and associations.

Technical University of Kosice Campuses

Technical University of Kosice owes three campus which is serene and represents nature. The Campus of the University depicts state of art infrastructure. The Campus of the university is wi-fi enabled. It is well equipped with Research centres, a Fitness Centre, Cultural Centre, Performing arts Theatre, Sports Activity room, Swimming pool, a Student Club. 
The university boasts a contemporary academic library which is very spacious, computerized and well equipped with latest version of books, e-books, journals and documents. The university library owes millions of books.

Technical University of Kosice Achievements

Technical University of Kosice is a multifaceted institute pertaining to higher education in technology. It has focused itself in producing thousands of innovative professionals with leadership skills and technological expertise all across the World.  The University has been mentoring student to display their abilities with enhanced skills and innovation. 

The University has focused itself in becoming one of the best Universities in the entire nation in technology and aeronautics personnel. Apart from these, the University has been distinguished by many research awards for its various projects in technology.

Technical University of Kosice USP

Technical University of Kosice is considered to be amongst the top 5 Slovakian Universities as per University rankings. It is the first Colombian University to get accreditation by the Ministry of National Education. According to World University Rankings, the University is ranked amongst top 3 Universities in the country. Technical University of Kosice has acceptance rate of 80 %.The University provides grants and scholarships aided by the government to the deserving candidates.  

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Technical University of Kosice Deadlines

Bachelors: April 20

Masters: April 20

Deadlines may vary for each program. Please visit program page for specific requirements.


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