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Established in 1873 in Fort Worth, Texas, the Texas Christian University is a private university affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) but not governed by it.

The university comprises of 8 schools and colleges: School of Business; College of Communication; College of Education; College of Fine Arts; Honors College; College of Liberal Arts; College of Nursing and Health Sciences and College of Science and Engineering. The most popular majors at the Texas Christian University are Business, Nursing, Communication and Education. The university follows a semester based academic calendar. Over 60 religions are represented at TCU, and the campus hosts 22 diverse religious organizations.

The total student population at the university is over 10,000, more than 8,800 of them are enrolled at the under graduate levels.  The university has a student to faculty ratio of 13:1 and the acceptance rate of 43%. The university has its own specialty study abroad programs in London; Florence, Italy; and Seville, Spain, and coordinates with other schools across the world for students wishing to study someplace else.

Texas Christian University is categorized as a Doctoral University: Higher Research Activity (R2) in the Carnegie Classifications.

Notable Alumni: Sandra Brown (Bestselling fiction author), Dan Jenkins (Bestselling author and Sports Illustrated writer), Reverend Timothy Lovejoy (Animated character from The Simpsons)

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This program allows outstanding strategic communication students to earn both a bachelor s degree and a master s degree in five years. Students may apply for admission to the Master of Science in Strategic Communication program during the semester they complete 75 hours of undergraduate coursework.To be considered for admission, students must submit a graduate application. The application process is competitive, and only students with outstanding undergraduate performance and strong letters of recommendation will be considered. Students who are admitted complete up to 12 semester hours in the strategic communication graduate program during the last year of undergraduate study. Those 12 hours may fulfill elective requirements for the undergraduate strategic communication major.

"Two official transcripts, Applied course(s) must carry at least a ""B"" grade (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) and must be verified by accompanying official transcripts, Required scores: 80 (Internet-based TOEFL), 550 (paper-based TOEFL) or 6.5 IELTS"

Technology and information management (TIM) is a multidisciplinary major that focuses on the fusion of information systems, technology, and business management for two purposes: the design and use of information systems and technology to solve business problems; and the management of technology, which includes product development, product management, and supply chain management. TIM is a rigorous, challenging engineering major for those students wanting to pursue careers in information systems management and the management of technology. To accomplish these objectives, students will learn the mathematics, science, and technical fundamentals of computer science and engineering, as well as how to address and solve problems in information systems and technology management through economics, business, information systems, and management of technology courses.



As an accounting student, you ll learn about the activities of business, how to record and account for complex business transactions, and how to evaluate the financial outcomes of business decisions.Learn the language of business comprehensive accounting coursework with a program emphasis on professional development and critical thinking.MA Curriculum includes options to specialize in assurance services, taxation, or financial reporting and valuation.Jump into the business world and earn academic credit with an internship in a Fort Worth-Dallas area accounting firm, or connect with alumni and business leaders to get other relevant part-time and full time employment.Get on the path to becoming a CPA, a highly respected certification in the business world.

Official high school transcript, Letter of recommendation (1-Teacher, 1-Counselor) and Essay, Resume, Typical SAT scores: Math (550-650), Critical reading (530-630), Writing (530-640), ACT Composite (25-30), Average GPA 3.53, TOEFL: IBT-80, PBT- 550, IELTS-6.5

Accounting graduates are working as Auditors, Tax professionals, and Business analysts in accounting firms, leading to careers in Financial management, Operational management, or General management.

1st Feb


As an Actuarial Science student, you ll learn the language and methods of actuarial science to solve problems in a wide range of disciplines.Students interested in the Actuarial Science concentration take courses in Economics, Accounting, and Finance, in addition to Mathematics courses. Actuarial Science is available as both a major and minor.Multiply your options when you learn how to solve practical and theoretical problems in a wide range of settings and disciplines, such as the physical sciences, business, psychology, the socialsciences, and computer science.Enhance your chances of success with a concentration in actuarial mathematics math used to determine insurance rates and financial risk.Learn from outstanding and award-winning teachers with doctoral degrees from Berkeley, Chicago, Harvard, Michigan, Princeton, Rice, and other top-rated universities.

Official high school transcript, Letter of recommendation (1-Teacher, 1-Counselor) and Essay, Resume, Typical SAT scores: Math (550-650), Critical reading (530-630), Writing (530-640), ACT Composite (25-30), Average GPA 3.53, TOEFL: IBT-80, PBT- 550, IELTS-6.5

Recent actuarial science graduates are working in education, banking, computer engineering, information systems, and insurance for companies like Mercer, Best Buy, RadioShack, PepsiCo, and Lockheed Martin. Others pursue graduate study at institutions like Harvard, Dartmouth, Indiana, and Iowa.

1st Feb


Each semester, for the first two years, students take a one-credit hour academic class and a one-credit hour Pass/No-Credit Leadership Laboratory (LLAB). The first two years collectively are referred to as the General Military Course (GMC). Upon successful completion of the GMC and an ensuing four-week Air Force field training course, qualified and selected students may elect to enroll in the final two years, referred to as the Professional Officer Course (POC). Each semester in the POC, students take a three-credit hour academic class and a one-credit hour Pass/No-Credit LLAB.Take a step toward the blue. The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is a four year educational program designed to provide theoretical and applied leadership experience to become an Air Force Officer, while you complete your bachelor s degree at Texas Christian University.

Official high school transcript, Letter of recommendation (1-Teacher, 1-Counselor) and Essay, Resume, Typical SAT scores: Math (550-650), Critical reading (530-630), Writing (530-640), ACT Composite (25-30), Average GPA 3.53, TOEFL: IBT-80, PBT- 550, IELTS-6.5

Pilot, nurse, engineer, scientist, or hundreds more, A student who successfully completes all four years in the program, and upon graduation, will begin an exciting career in the Air Force in one of many challenging and rewarding jobs. In addition to the on-campus training program, when funding allows, we offer training opportunities throughout the world. Participating cadets can travel to Europe, the Far East, and South America and throughout the United States to receive hands-on, practical training with active-duty units of all types and missions. Other training opportunities include free-fallparachute training and glider training, as well as numerous leadership and technical training opportunities.

1st Feb


This interdisciplinary minor engages African American and Africana intellectual heritages, locally and globally. The academic study focuses on interdisciplinary scholarly inquiry; students can take courses in Religion, English Literature, English Rhetoric, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Women and Gender Studies, the modern languages, Education, and more.

Official high school transcript, Letter of recommendation (1-Teacher, 1-Counselor) and Essay, Resume, Typical SAT scores: Math (550-650), Critical reading (530-630), Writing (530-640), ACT Composite (25-30), Average GPA 3.53, TOEFL: IBT-80, PBT- 550, IELTS-6.5

African American and Africana Studies promotes research across the university and provides students with academic and career path advising, research training, leadership skills development, peer mentoring and global community engagement learning opportunities including study abroad.

1st Feb

a) University online application

b) $40 application fee

c) Official high school transcript

d) Letter of recommendation (1-Teacher, 1-Counselor) and Essay

e) Resume

f) Official ACT/SAT scores

g) Typical SAT scores: Math (550-650), Critical reading (530-630), Writing (530-640), ACT Composite (25-30)

h) Average GPA 3.53

i) TOEFL/IELTS scores if the applicant’s native language is not English

j) TOEFL: IBT-80, PBT- 550, IELTS-6.5

k) Acceptance rate: 43% (2015)

l) Interview (optional)

Requirements vary for each program. Please visit program page for specific requirements. 


Undergraduate: USD 46,860

Fees vary for each program. Please visit program page for specific fees. 

Cost of Living

The annual cost of living at Texas Christian University is USD 16,100 approx. 


Yes, the university has in campus dorm facilities.

Undergraduate: February 1

Graduate: Deadlines vary for each program

Deadlines vary for each program. Please visit program page for specific deadlines. 

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