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University of Burgundy History

The University of Burgundy is a public university located in Dijon, France. It was established in the year 1722 by King Louis XV of France.  The University is one of the higher education and research institution in the region.

University of Burgundy Programs, Courses, and Schools

The University of Burgundy, offers 26 undergraduate programs, 38 professional degrees, 130 master’s programs, and Ph. D programs. The University 10 faculties, 4 engineering schools, 3 institutes of technology. The University has more than 2,900 academic staff including 16,800 undergraduate students and 9,400 postgraduate students and 1,299 doctoral students.

University of Burgundy Campuses

The University of Burgundy has 6 campuses. The main campus is located in Dijon. It offers the facilities of libraries, high quality of sports facilities, cultural center, art exhibition. The second campus is Le Creusot campus is situated in the south of Burgundy. It offers computer science research centers, particularly in the fields of robotics and electronic vision and many more facilities are involved. The third campus is Nevers campus is in west burgundy. It offers the Institute of Automotive and Transport Engineering. The fourth campus is Auxerre campus is located in the north of Burgundy, it has the facilities of the University of Technology. The fifth campus is a small Chalon-sur-Saone campus is situated in southern Burgundy. The sixth campus in Macon campus is in Lyon most southerly campuses and also smallest. It offers Master programs in local government administration.

University of Burgundy Achievements

The University of Burgundy, Professor Louis Renault Department of commercial law, was awarded Nobel Prize Peace Laureate in 1907. The University has 27 research units and it is later divided into 6 main research fields.

University of Burgundy USP

The University of Burgundy ranked 701-800th in Shanghai Ranking in 2017. It also ranked 649 out of 902 for higher education among 54 countries in 2017 and it ranked 18 out of 24 and was also selected by French institutions. The University of Burgundy ranked 501-600th by Times Higher Education in 2017. It also ranked 23 out of 27 and was selected for French higher education institutions.

University of Burgundy Notable Alumni

Rachida Dati (Former Member of the European Parliament), Roger Guillemin (Neuroscientist), Chuka Umunna (Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom), Lawrence Clark Powell (Librarian), Guy Canivet (French judge).

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University of Burgundy Cost of studies


Undergraduate: EUR 500

Fees may vary for each program. Please visit program page for specific fees.

University of Burgundy Deadlines

Bachelors: Deadlines may vary for each program. Please visit the program page for specific deadlines.

Masters: Deadlines may vary for each program. Please visit the program page for specific deadlines.

University of Burgundy Rankings


US News
501 -600
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22 -27


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