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King Faisal University History

King Faisal University, is a public university located in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia. It was established in the year 1975 by Royal Decree in the eastern region of the country.

King Faisal University Programs, Courses, and Schools

King Faisal University, offers 59 undergraduate programs, 27 postgraduate programs, and master’s programs and distance education for students. The University has 14 colleges in a different department. The University has girls sections also which include College of Education for Girls-Scientific Sections, College of Education for girls art section, College of Community for girls and College of Intermediate Health for Girls. The University has more than 2,107 academic staff and including 90,000 undergraduate students and postgraduate students.

King Faisal University Campuses

King Faisal University, the main campus is in the city of Hofuf in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia. The University also provides numerous facilities for students on campus. The University also has a library which holds 2.35 million volumes of books.

King Faisal University Achievements

The University has additionally given special attention to conferences and symposia in the scientific and cultural enrichment of knowledge and community service. It has organized sixty-six native and international conferences symposia. Additionally, its college members have been represented three hundred scientific conferences and a conference reception and abroad.

This meant such beneficiaries as computer applications and expanded uses at the administrative and academic level to contribute to automated and streamlined administrative and academic management decisions, including the following regulations: machine-driven information systems at the university level, students' record system, system stores procural, economic system, a patient care system, and fine arts styles. The University also come up with multiple scientific research and it also has research centers in college.

King Faisal University USP

King Faisal University, ranked 22 in World Universities Ranking for Arab Region in the year 2016. King Faisal University also ranked in top government agencies and it has ranked first as the best provider of E-Services.

King Faisal University Notable Alumni

Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud (Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia), Saleh Abdullah Kamel (Saudi businessman), Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Rabeeah (Saudi surgeon), Saoud Al Qahtani (Saudi Arabian consultant), Rajaa al-Sanea (Saudi writer).

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