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University of Kashan


1172nd US-News World Ranking

University of Kashan History                                          

University of Kashan also known as Kashan University and UK is a higher education establishment located in the town of Kashan in Iran. The university was established in year 1974 and has ever since grown to enroll over 7000 students.

University of Kashan Programs, Courses, and Schools

University of Kashan comprises of thirteen faculties offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in Mathematics, Literature, Foreign Languages, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Arts, Computer Engineering, Natural Resources, and Earth Sciences.

University of Kashan also offers a number of research opportunities in subjects such as Advanced Material and Intelligent Systems, Nano-science, Nanotechnology, Astronomy, Water and Sustainable Development, and Architecture and Urban Development.

University of Kashan Campuses

University of Kashan campus is located in Kashan situated 230 kilometers from the Iranian capital city of Tehran. The campus is largely sub-urban and offers a range of services for students coupled with a relaxed and peaceful environment to learn and study.

University of Kashan offers classrooms, lecture halls, sports services, open green spaces, parks and gardens, and laboratories in addition to library with a number of books and journals. The university also boasts of a dedicated international student desk to assist international students.

University of Kashan Achievements

University of Kashan is ranked 1st in Iran for its Research Productivity and 109th in the world in the Green Metric International Ranking System. The Leiden Rankings rank the university 1st in the country.

University of Kashan is also known for designing and inventing first programming language in Iranian and ranks 2nd in the county for Nanotechnology.

University of Kashan USP

University of Kashan is a leading research center in the country for Nanotechnology and attracts a number of researchers and academics from all over the country.

University of Kashan is also an averagely selective institution and offers lower cost of living and tuition fee than other universities in the region.

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