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University of Malaga


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University of Malaga History

Málaga University (UMA) is a public institution in the European Higher Education Area that promotes outstanding research and teaching. The institution follows an educational model to promote competitive, high - quality, job - oriented and accredited teaching in Europe. Over the past few years, its vigor and growth have made it a reference point for universities in Spain. Over the past decade, UMA has sought to promote the internationalization of its teaching and research and the mobility of its teachers and students with a university community of just over 40,000 people.

University of Malaga Programs, Courses, and Schools

Throughout the academic year, the UMA offers 65 degree and 6 double degrees, over 21 doctoral programs, 64 master's degrees, and 100 courses. Education is carried out by appointed teachers from 81 departments in 18 centers. There are undergraduate and postgraduate courses in all disciplines at the University of Malaga. A total of 65 undergraduate and 6 double degrees, 64 master's degrees and 21 doctoral programs are available, all of which can be combined with internal qualification courses, language courses, summer courses, and senior university programs. The University of Malaga offers a wide range of 64 Master's degrees to enable students to obtain advanced specialized training, whether in subjects that clearly lead to professional practice and career advancement or in research and research subjects.

University of Malaga Campuses

UMA is divided into two Málaga campuses. El Ejido Campus: The campus at El Ejido is located in the center of Malaga and houses the Economic Science, Architecture and Fine Arts Faculties. The Government Building, which houses the various deputy vice - chancellorship offices, is located on this site, along with most administrative departments and the Board Secretariat. Another emblematic building on this campus is the University Auditorium, which can accommodate 450 people; it is here that the opening ceremony takes place for each academic year and where university staff meetings and protocol acts take place.

Teatinos Campus: The most numerous faculties are currently to be found on the campus of Teatinos, including the departments of Communication Sciences, Education, Law, Computer Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Tourism, Science, Philosophy and Arts, Medicine, Psychology, Industrial Engineering, Technology, Social Work and Business Studies. University community facilities include the general library, a publishing service, a research institute building, a children's school, the University Sports Complex, computer rooms, a botanical garden, five lecture halls and a selection of cafes, university dining halls, and recreation areas. The campus will be strengthened by adding an additional 1.2 million square meters to the current surface area and will see the construction of teaching facilities along with areas for educational, social, sporting, residential and recreational use. In addition to numerous green areas, there will also be a business and residential area.

University of Malaga Notable Alumni

María Teresa Campos (Spanish journalist), Alberto Carlos Garzón (Spanish politician and economist), Chantal Maillard (Spanish poet and philosopher), Bernardino León (Spanish diplomat and politician).

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