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Overseas Education Consultants in Pune

International education has always something different to offer than Indian education. As a result, you'll benefit from different education system, a wider range of cultural experiences, incredible research possibilities, and a more diverse pool of employment prospects. Getting there is not simple but “Go to University” -an overseas education consultant makes it possible. You'll need to work on your grades, become involved in extracurricular activities, and begin the application process, just to name a few of the many tasks ahead of you. The international education route is arduous and time-consuming but it's beneficial.

Pune is home to two branches of the organization specializing in career counseling and aid with the application process as well as financial and visa support. So, after you've decided on the services you want, you can reach the website to arrange an appointment. We will reach out to you from thereon.

As one of Pune's top overseas education consultants, "Go to University" can help you choose the right institution in the right country at the right time. Higher education may be found on the site in various nations, including the United Kingdom (UK), America (USA), Europe, Canada, and New Zealand.

Why choose GoToUniversity

Students may benefit greatly from the services of study abroad education consultants in Pune at every stage of the procedure. Choosing a country is generally the first thing people do. When it comes to selecting a nation to accept foreign students, the procedure must be impartial.

A student must meet certain standards before he or she may enrol in a foreign institution or college. The ability to communicate well in English is often a requirement for admission. As a rule, these tests are expensive. A waste of time and money might result from taking many examinations which might not be required for admission into the university or institution. Different language proficiency examinations are well-known among education consultants in Pune who specialize in international student recruitment. They assist students in preparing for these kinds of exams, which might help them get into the University of their choice.

Areas we assist with-

Talking to knowledgeable study abroad education consultants in Pune might broaden a student's horizons. The following are a few reasons why you should see an overseas education consultant in Pune.

  • Shortlisting University
  • Shortlisting programs and courses
  • Application submission
  • Accommodation guidance
  • Financial aid guidance
  • Student Visa guidance
  • Profile building services
  • Test prep services
  • Interview preparation
  • Scholarship guidance
  • Essays and CV guidance services

Students who want to study in a foreign country are increasingly relying on overseas

education consultants as a point of contact. Go to University is well-versed in many educational and employment options available in other nations. 

To meet the unique requirements of each student, the Go to university, an overseas education consultant in Pune, creates individualized plans. A counselor for international studies is a credentialed professional who is recognized by professional bodies as an expert in the field. To help students who want to attend prestigious universities and colleges in other countries, our experts play a key role.

Students should always aim to study in a nation where English is the primary language since it is much simpler to adapt in the long term without having to learn a new one.

An overview of our counselor’s expertise

With the help of experienced counsellors, a good Study Abroad Consultant will analyze the students' profiles as well as requirements in great detail, taking into account their educational qualifications as well as academic achievements as well as budgetary considerations. They will then recommend a list of universities and also countries for the students to consider.

For many years, Go to university has been helping students find their way to prestigious universities throughout the world. The counsellors at Go to university have a wealth of knowledge and can accurately assess the needs of their clients and provide them with a variety of viable choices.

Before choosing a course and a university, students may speak with officials from Go to university, as we have a team of expert advisors having the ability to help you meet your goals by suggesting the right path.

What does the counseling session includes?

  • Go to University can provide one-on-one counseling to each student, helping them realize their ambition of studying abroad. Choosing a university, a curriculum, and a budget for your time in education are all critical considerations. Budget-conscious students need not worry about it. We have different alternatives to help you come out of your worries to make you reach your dream university abroad.
  • The responsibilities of a qualified overseas education consultant are extensive. University study tours, pre-departure and post-departure orientation sessions, etc. are just some of the ways we assist students to save money while studying abroad. Like a guardian, we accompany students on their educational journeys. 
  • Students and their families confront one of the most difficult challenges when it comes to coping with the significant costs of studying abroad. Students, on the other hand, may get out of this difficulty by consulting with one of the greatest overseas education consultants in Pune which is “Go to University”. 
  • We being a Study Abroad Education Consultant in Pune, provide information to students on a variety of financial aid options, including scholarships and student loans. For Students who want to study abroad, there are several financial assistance programmes offered by academic institutions as well. To aid students who qualify for grants and also scholarships, we help you get benefits from them. Additionally, we advise students on the best possible methods so that they might manage their money while studying abroad.
  • With us by your side, we will assist you every step of the way so that you can ensure that you are choosing a university that increases your prospects in future, and helps you excel academically.

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