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University of Erfurt History                                      

University of Erfurt also known as Universitat Erfurt is a German higher education establishment located in Erfurt, Thuringia. The university was established during the Holy Roman Empire in 1379 but was shut down in 1816 after Erfurt became a part of Prussia. The university was re-established in 1994 post unification of Germany and currently enrols over 5700 students.

University of Erfurt Programs, Courses, and Schools

University of Erfurt comprises of five faculties and three academic institutes offering a range of undergraduate and graduate programs. These include Faculty of Education, Faculty of Catholic Theology, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Governance, Max Weber Center for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies, Erfurt School of Education, Centre for Social and Cultural Studies, and School of Public Policy.

University of Erfurt offers programs in Religious Studies, Sociology, Governance, Law, Economics, Education, Cultural Studies, Political Sciences, Public Policy, Business Management, Theology, Communication and Digital Media, Human Rights, Criminal Justice, History, and Economic and Behavioural Sciences to name a few.

University of Erfurt Campuses

University of Erfurt has an urban campus located in the city of Erfurt in Thuringia, Germany. The campus is a vibrant mix of historical and modern buildings housing the university’s administrative blocks, faculty offices, academic departments, and student centric facilities.

University of Erfurt offers modern classrooms and lecture halls, computer labs, student halls of residence, dining halls and eateries, sports courts and grounds, common areas, and well-stocked library with a range of digital and print items.

University of Erfurt Achievements

University of Erfurt is ranked 78th in Germany and amongst top 1500 universities in the world by UniRank university rankings. The university is also accredited by several government bodies including the Thuringian Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.

University of Erfurt is also ranked amongst top 10% institutions in the world by EduRank university rankings. EduRank also ranks the university 89th in the country.

University of Erfurt USP

University of Erfurt has no tuition fee and has a high acceptance rate. The university also participates in a number of international events including the National Model United Nations NMUN in New York City winning several awards for their participation at the conference.

University of Erfurt is also home to a number of research groups part of the Erfurt doctoral and postdoctoral program. The university also hosts a number of summer schools each year including International Summer Course for German Language, Literature and Culture and Summer Program in Communications Erfurt.

University of Erfurt Notable Alumni

Martin Luther (Priest), Johannes Gutenberg (German goldsmith), Andreas Karlstadt (German theologian), and Johann Heinrich Baumann (German artist). 

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