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University of Girona History                                           

University of Girona also known as UdG and Universitat de Girona is a Spanish higher education institution located in Girona, Catalonia. The university traces back its roots to year 1446 but was conferred university status in 1991. It currently enrols over 12000 students.

University of Girona Programs, Courses, and Schools

University of Girona offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in Medicine, Dentistry, Public Health, Biomedical Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, History, Theology, Philosophy, Arts and Design, and Performing Arts.

University of Girona also offers programs in Languages, Literature, Linguistics, Geology, Agriculture, Forestry, Sport Sciences, Accounting, Business Management, Finance, Economics, Biological Sciences, Computer Sciences, Law, Education, and Marine Sciences.

University of Girona Campuses

University of Girona has an urban campus located in the city of Girona in Catalonia, Spain. The campus is scattered across the city and comprises of many buildings which house the university facilities, departments, administrative offices, and student halls of residence.

University of Girona offers a range of services to students which include classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls, auditoriums, and library with digital and print resources. The university also offers common areas, meeting rooms, lounges, restaurant, and cafe in addition to student union with a wide variety of clubs and associations to choose from.

University of Girona Achievements

University of Girona is ranked amongst top 800 universities in the world in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021. The university is also placed amongst top 200 universities globally in Young University Rankings and Impact Rankings published by Times Higher Education.

University of Girona is ranked 708th globally and 25th nationally in CWUR World University Rankings. The university is also accredited by Ministry of Universities of Spain and ranked 44th in the country by UniRank.  

University of Girona USP

University of Girona is not a very selective institution and its acceptance rate ranges from 80 to 90%. The university is also a member of European Universities Association or EUA and participates in various EU programs such as Erasmus Mundus.

University of Girona also awards generous scholarships, tuition fee waivers, research stipends, and grants to its students. The university is also one of the research hubs of the region and caters to 800 plus doctoral level students.

University of Girona Notable Alumni

Silvia Osuna Oliveras (Researcher), Carles Puigdemont (Member of the European Parliament), Margarida Casacuberta (Spanish author), and Silvia Congost Provensal (YouTuber).

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